The diet of birdseed and Pineapple: weight loss, purifies, heals, etc. Diät mit Leinsamen und Ananas: zum abnehmen, reinigen und heilen La dieta del Alpiste y la Piña: baja de peso, depura, sana, etc.

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The diet of birdseed and Pineapple: weight loss, purifies, heals, etc.

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The diet of birdseed and Pineapple: weight loss, purifies, heals, etc.

If you want a fast diet, efficiently and without having to sacrifice much to eat, do not hesitate to follow this diet: it is very easy to carry and will not cost anything, plus you will notice results very quickly in every way, both in your health and in your size, spirit and your overall appearance. This diet can help to lose up to 3 kilos in one week!

The properties of bird seed and pineapple are ideal not only for losing weight fast and effectively, but to rejuvenate, purify the body, heal infection, inflammation, bowel problems, circulatory disorders, blood intoxicated and a long list of ailments. It is recommended for people with:

  • Overweight
  • Cellulite
  • Diabetes
  • High cholesterol
  • Skin conditions (acne, eczema, pimples, rashes, hives, etc.)
  • Colds and respiratory infections
  • Gout
  • Parasites and intestinal problems such as gas, poor absorption of food, belly swollen, etc.
  • Allergies of all kinds
  • Hypertension
  • Rheumatism and uric acid
  • Cancer
  • Heart and circulation problems
  • Prevents stroke, thrombosis and heart attacks.

Among the properties of pineapple: it has laxative effect, is diuretic, disinfectant, germicide, anti-inflammatory, anti constipation, rejuvenating (rich in antioxidants, etc.).

Among the properties of birdseed: excellent source of antioxidants, prevents aging, with high content of vegetable proteins, the enzymes are ideal remedy for swollen internal organs like the liver, kidneys and pancreas, helps greatly to eradicate diabetes, eliminates cirrhosis, removes excess fluid, prevent arteriosclerosis, helps in cases of gout, edema, gastritis and stomach ulcers, ideal for hypertension and, especially, contains lipase, an enzyme that helps to debug really effective harmful and unnecessary fats in the veins, arteries, or simply fat deposits; it is an extraordinary remedy against obesity, cellulite, swollen abdomen, cholesterol, etc.

If you properly combine these two foods, you have a very powerful tonic to restore health and weight.

Take into account before starting the diet:

Please note that during this diet, you might experience symptoms such as diarrhea, stomach pain, headache, etc. All these symptoms are normal and are associated with what is known as a healing crisis, when everything seems worse but actually is healing and removing toxins and fats that are harmful. It is not necessary that you have these symptoms, there are people who do not have but that does not mean your body is not in a deep healing process. If you have these symptoms do not interrupt the diet, symptoms gradually dwindle and you'll look and feel better!

The diet

  • It is very simple. You have to take two glasses of birdseed milk a day or three if you go above 20 kilos above your weight. Drink it before breakfast, lunch and dinner. The pineapple must eat on an empty stomach in the morning, 2 or 3 slices, unsweetened. In the evening, you should drink fresh pineapple juice or eat another 2 or 3 slices of pineapple.
  • It is important that when you eat pineapple fasting, do not eat anything for 20 minutes. After that, drink hot birdseed milk (avoid boiling). And then wait about 10 minutes to have breakfast. The breakfast should be healthy avoiding fried animal meats, red meat or anything containing refined sugar.
  • At lunch and dinner, choose what you like to eat, the only rule is to avoid eating any fruit. Birdseed milk should be takne 10 minutes before lunch or dinner.
  • After 1 hour of eating is when you eat the next portion of the pineapple. Two or three slices or fresh pineapple juice, unsweetened.
  • During the diet, do not forget to drink 2 liters of pure water to detox.

How to prepare milk birdseed?

You need

  • 5 tablespoons of birdseed
  • 3 cups of pure water


  1. Soak birdseed overnight before and in the morning, wash passing it through a colander under running cold water. Once this well washed, put in blender with water and blend.
  2. Drink a cup in the morning without strain. The rest, strain and store in refrigerator in an airtight container. Warm a bit before drinking at lunch and dinner.

NOTE: Avoid canned pineapple in syrup, as it is high in sugar and contain preservatives. If you cannot find fresh pineapple, you can substitute with orange or grapefruit, with similar properties.

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6 Reviews about The diet of birdseed and Pineapple: weight loss, purifies, heals, etc.
on 27/09/2015
I was researching this birdseed diet to find out what caused a friend of ours to be hospitalized. From the few facts I recieved is he was drinking 3 large glasses a day, he was found passed out and clogged up. He was expanding due to the toxins that would not exit because the seed became like a glue inside of him. He almost died. I am all for natural foods, but be careful with these diet fads and never exceed the recommendations. I am posting this so it does not happen to anyone else. He was a large guy and lost 22 lbs in two weeks, which is dangerous.
on 22/02/2015
I?ve been trying to lose weight for years without having much success. When I heard about the latest craze for this new appetite suppressant, Caralluma Actives, I was very excited. However, I couldn?t find any reviews, so I thought well, why not try the product and review it myself? For the last six months I?ve been taking Caralluma Actives and now I really can?t wait to talk about the results I?ve seen.

on 14/01/2015
I find this information very interesting and know of someone who is getting excellent results just after one week for relieving back pain. Will you please supply the recipe and what type of bird seed is required and where it can be obtained.
on 18/12/2014
Is birdseed really that good for you? I've never heard of people consuming it before, and I'd like to check on a few facts before I start chowing down and making smoothies. The information sounds interesting enough, but I jsut can't imagine that birdseed would be that tasty anyway. Any recipes?
on 10/08/2013
Rule your mind or it will rule you.
on 28/02/2013
I was drinking birdseed milk since a time ago because I read about that in this magazine. But the combination with pineapple seems even better, so I think I?m going to include it at least in the morning to see if I can lose a couple of pounds. Thanks for the information, it?s really helpful.

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