Denmark wants ecology Die Dänen lieben die Ökologie Los daneses quieren ecología

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Denmark wants ecology

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Denmark wants ecology

Danes have turned to organic food. According to the national association for organic products, market share for these products amounted to 7% of food sales in Denmark, an increase of one point in 2006.

This puts Denmark as the country that sells more organic products in the total food market, according to the newspaper ‘Politiken’. The supermarket chain Irma has the largest share of sales of organic products, with 16% of total food sales.

In 2006, Irma sold 41% more organic fruits and vegetables than the previous year. Also sales of organic products in supermarket chain Coop Danmark is increasing. The Director of Environment, Katrine Milman, noted that the group has seen growing sales of organic products by 20% in 2006 compared to 2005.

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2 Reviews about Denmark wants ecology
on 01/11/2015
Denmark, along with every other country in the world! This is great news, the importance of organic agriculture and organic practices is spreading, and i just love that it's becoming a large, controversial issue. The practices used in cultivating food now are just criminal!
on 09/12/2013
I am glad to see that there are more and more countries opting for this type of beneficial agriculture that brings many goods to everyone, even the producers that may believe that they won?t get enough money to achieve their goals, in organic agriculture, everyone wins and achieves a better place

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