The British Government will provide certification for Homeopathy and Alternative Die britische Regierung reguliert die Homöopathie und alternative Therapien El Gobierno Británico regulará la Homeopatía y Terapias Alternativas


The British Government will provide certification for Homeopathy and Alternative

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The British Government will provide certification for Homeopathy and Alternative

The British government is preparing to regulate first aromatherapy, reflexology, homeopathy and other alternative therapies, increasingly popular in the United Kingdom, according to advance in the newspaper "The Times".

The new Natural Healthcare Council, which enjoys the support of the Prince of Wales, may well prohibit the exercise of such practices in any charlatans and incompetent or unscrupulous practitioners.

The agency will establish minimum standards capable of ensuring that those who practice alternative medicine are suitably qualified to perform.

Patients may in turn translate to any complaints that Council, inspired by the existing General Medical Council.

Although the system will be voluntary at first, authorities were confident that all practitioners will accept it because it will be a guarantee of quality that takes into account the public.

The body in question will only accept the registration of practitioners who have completed a course officially, are properly insured and adhere to a code of conduct.

Figures rising

Presently, the British spend the equivalent of more than 188 million euros in all types of alternative therapies and that figure is expected to increase to 290 million euros over the next four years.

According some polls, 68 percent of UK citizens believe that alternative therapies are as valid as traditional ones.

However, for some time the authorities are concerned about the fact that any person may engage in acupuncture, herbal and the other practices of this kind.

According to a survey of "The Times", three out of four people believe that those who practice alternative therapies are properly trained and authorized to do so.

Among the practices that govern the health authorities also include massage, cranial osteopathy, the shiatzu, reiki and calls Alexander and techniques of Bowen.

The Council for Natural Health, led by Charles of England, thus brings a number of persons appointed through an independent process, and a clear division between the agency and professional bodies representing the various regular therapy.

British Public Health annually spends the equivalent of 73 million euros in the form of alternative therapies which will govern the new council.

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1 Reviews about The British Government will provide certification for Homeopathy and Alternative
on 18/09/2015
That's excellent news!! Hopefully this precedent will lead to more countries around the world validating and supporting "alternative" health therapies. I think it's strange that we rely so heavily on Western medicine, which is so young, and choose to so blindly ignore the wisdom in ancient medical traditions.

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