The Board ensures that Andalucia is destined for organic agriculture Andalusien ist dem ökologischen Landbau gewidmet La Junta de Andalucia asegura que tiene vocación por la agricultura ecológica

» » » The Board ensures that Andalucia is destined for organic agriculture

The Board ensures that Andalucia is destined for organic agriculture

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The Board ensures that Andalucia is destined for organic agriculture

Counselor for Agriculture, Isaías Pérez Saldaña, said today that the Andalusian board has a vocation "both politically and economically" for organic agriculture which has led to the creation of a general direction.

Pérez Saldaña, who has chaired Baena delivery of the eighth edition of the Andrés Núñez de Prado Prize for Research in Organic Agriculture, convened by the Andalusian Committee of Organic Agriculture (CAAE) Núñez and Family Prado, said that the bet is also reflected in the new statute. Thus it states that "the vocation of Andalusian agriculture is to be way of organic agriculture and animal husbandry" and that if Spain was an agrarian community, now wants to be a self-agro-based integrated production and mainly organic.

Pérez Saldaña revealed that Andalusia in Spain is a leader in this practice, both in the number of ground operators, but the challenge is to be leaders in commerce and awards like this are the endorsements of that scientific work, companies, traders are making a bet hard and tough." He also congratulated the young scientists that have won the prize, says that it plays a significant role in Huelva, especially areas such as Doñana, where only with this way of producing it threatens other elements of habitat, such as land and water.

For its part, the president of CAAE Francis Home, said that the counselor is a good ally, "which from the beginning has focused on organic agriculture and are working hard on one that deficits in Andalusia in the field of industry, processing and preparation."

The ceremony also featured the president of the council, Francisco Pulido, who said that "modernity must be linked and be compatible with sustainable development" and in this sense has congratulated those investigating by this development. Baena's mayor, Luis Moreno (PSOE), expressed his satisfaction because Baena again was referred, in this case the family of organic agriculture and livestock Andalusia. The agricultural engineers in Seville, Blanca Martínez, Inmaculada and Laura Carmona Bisbal, received the award of six thousand euros for the work on agronomic and nutritional quality of organic strawberry fumigation and techniques. This is a work in four years that brings the knowledge of these two techniques for improving productivity and nutritional quality of strawberries as well as contributing to the development of organic agriculture and mitigation of climate change, as explained. Engineer Ramon Meco, was awarded second prize for his "Comparative study on energy and economic experiments of long duration in conventional agriculture, and ecological conservation," held jointly with Carlos Lacasta.

Awards to the Defense and Development in Organic Agriculture and Livestock were also handed to Gabriel Gomez Nevado, producer of organic wines in Villaviciosa (Córdoba), Juan Antonio Moron Moron, producer of almonds, grapes, fig and olive green in the Granada Alpujarra, Sierra and Antonio Garcia, organic farmer in the province of Granada.

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1 Reviews about The Board ensures that Andalucia is destined for organic agriculture
on 19/11/2015
With all the information I'm reading about Spain putting such a heavy effort into promoting organic agriculture, I wonder if there is much "conventional" agriculture left. The way these articles are written it sure does make it sound like all of Spain is organic now, woohoo!

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