The biological revolution of Humanity Die biologische Revolution der Menschheit La revolución biológica de la Humanidad

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The biological revolution of Humanity

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The biological revolution of Humanity

We, modern men and women, are all facing a biodiversity crisis. The most critical problem that confronts us today is not a political, economic, religious or ideological, is whether the human race can continue surviving and developing or come to a rapid degeneration and its eventual disappearance. For all the so-called civilized world is a prevailing biological Flood of Noah. From village to village, from city to city, from country to country all the people are suffering physical disorders, mental and spiritualA global flow of biological degeneration is enveloping everything and everyone.

No one alive today in modern civilization is exempt from this world wide degeneration. Beggar and millionaire, newborn and elderly, housewives and businessmen, workers and national leaders-be they white or black, Oriental or Western, Christian or Buddhist, socialist or capitalist, rich or poor, male or female all are prosecuted at this critical time. The policy of governments, religious teachings, educational programs, social systems, all seem ineffective in addressing this universal crisis.

If we want to continue our existence on this Earth, we will need to devote our full effort towards reconstruction of humanity at all levels -individual, family, community, national and international levels. If through these efforts, we alter the course of the degeneration into a continuous existence and towards a future development of humanity, will begin a new world based on a sound biological basis, with new social approaches, ideological and spiritual. Otherwise there will be no peace in the world, there is no hope for the future of humanity.

Extracted from "The Book of Macrobiotics" of Michio Kushi

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1 Reviews about The biological revolution of Humanity
on 03/03/2014
Magical words, of course from the master Kushi, he knows so many things and wants to share them with the world, you cannot look back with things like that happening, we need to start the change before it is too late, even though this sound like nothing, it is very important

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