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The benefits of organic bread

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The benefits of organic bread

When we think of biological or organic products directly associate with the vegetables and fruits. What we know is that there are a number of derivatives that are considered organic and among them we can mention cereals and breads.

The organic bread is a very noble, tasty and healthy that we can incorporate into your diet.

Properties of organic bread

It is necessary to discern three broad groups of bread, industrial bread, artisan bread and organic bread or biological.

The artisan breads and biological are composed not only of high quality raw materials, but are made with a special dedication.

The result of this fabulous combination allows us to eat a loaf of bread different than the industry one.


  • Color stronger as a result of the long fermentation of the dough, the characteristic color is brown. However, in the industrial bread presented the color white is much more precisely because of its short fermentation.
  • In addition to a vivid color, odor and has a very special aroma. Its intense flavor is due to increased processing time and its great burden of organisms responsible for fermentation of bread. Industrial yeast is very different from the traditional wealth presented is the cause of the taste and smell so intense.
  • Thick crust, making this bread last much longer. A thick crust is the result of the components and making bread. A dough of wheat flour that has been fermented with yeast containing natural wheat grainst. The fermentation and cooking times are very important and are responsible for this crust.
  • Very particular breadcrumb, bubbles enclosed in it are of different sizes, small, large, medium, that is the result of the action brought by microorganisms that giving the property very special bread.

Organic bread in Barcelona

According to Xavier Barriga, baker of Barcelona, "what people value most of the organic bread is the taste and conservation." This baker has produced organic bread for two years at his bakery Turris. Aribau Street opened in Barcelona, and this September has opened its second establishment.

The baker has no hesitation in saying that, although not too many people buy organic breads compared to the rest of breads, this type of eating is very faithful to the product.

And thanks to his experience we can affirm that what people value most of the organic bread is, first, taste and preservation, then they are also valued breads without any addition of flour improver and preservative.

Difficulties in developing

While today we can find a growing supply of organic products, we face an undeniable fact: it is still difficult to find where to buy organic bread.

The reasons are very simple and basic: You must use sourdough for success and that requires method, culture and passion. The days of rest and fermentation are long and if something is missing in most bakeries today is time and patience.

Process model development of organic bread

  • Knead the flour with water, salt and sourdough.
  • Let stand for 20 hours at 8 ° C.
  • Divide the dough by hand, bowling and putting it in wicker baskets to ferment.
  • Allow to ferment for a total of 16 hours with a fermentation cycle with a temperature and humidity.
  • Cook at 260 º for 42 minutes.

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2 Reviews about The benefits of organic bread
on 08/10/2014
How interesting! It's not very often that I eat bread, although I do absolutely adore it. So it's also not that often that I think of buying organic bread, but after reading this, I think i've just now become inspired to make my own artisan bread at home! I like that you've included a process model in this article. That gives you a good idea of how to go about this.
on 04/06/2013
I?m sure that capital cities don?t have a single place to buy this kind of bread and that?s such a bad thing! I mean, here where I live almost every kind of bread is prepared by hand and with love, like someone will say, and it?s delicious of course, not always healthy but yet prepared without additives and other things

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