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The bath, the perfect time to indulge yourself

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The bath, the perfect time to indulge yourself

Through the centuries, many cultures have tended baths to cleanse and purify the body and spirit.

The ritual bath was an important part of Roman, Greek, Middle Eastern and Japanese cultures, and people used to bathe before entering a temple or performing spiritual activities.

The ancient physicians also spoke of the healing properties of the bath, and many modern scholars agree. Hot baths for example, initially elevate heart rate and temperature, so to dissipate heat, we breathe and this way eliminate the toxins. After that, your blood vessels dilate and circulation accelerates, helping the body to mobilize the accumulated lactic acid in the muscles, lowering blood pressure and reducing muscle soreness.

While the main function of bath is cleaning our body, we can use this time to do much more than just the cleaning.

Surely after work, you feel tired, stressed, and often nonprofit, the bath can be the perfect excuse to indulge, as it is ideal to relax and enjoy. Taking a warm bath in the tub is fed back one of the simple pleasures of life.

If you want to make your bath and beauty routine of relaxation, I recommend you take into account the following details:

How to prepare a relaxing bath in your tub?

The recommended temperature is warm water, as hot could dry out your skin, unless you have added an extra moisturizer.

As it is relaxing, it is recommended that you do it at night, use herbal extracts instead of soaps.

If you have long hair, hold it and prevent soak in the bath water. Remember that a tub bath should not last more than 15-20 minutes to be relaxing.

To enjoy

The bathroom can be quite an experience, use products that nature offers to enrich.

If you want to relax muscles, use essential oils like lavender, salt-based products and seaweed. Bath salts in the form of crystal, perfume that help relax your body, are ideal for oily skin, but if your skin tends to be dry, prefer oils. Another feature of the salts and seaweed is to help detoxify and tone your body.

Bergamot oil is excellent if you are looking to revitalize, while basil and mint are very helpful in relieving stress.

If you want to take this opportunity to moisturize your skin, add some citrus oil, but remember always using oils sparingly, otherwise, cleaning the tub may be a difficult task.

Sandalwood with its fragrance has been used for centuries to soothe and prepare the mind for meditation.

Other benefits

When you get into the tub, can be the perfect time to address other areas of your body such as the face. Apply a clay mask as the heat of the bath can have more effective components, you can also give attention to your hair with a conditioner after washing roots.

It is recommended that when leaving the bath, wash your body with warm water and applying moisturizers on your body right for you.


If you are susceptible or have varicose veins, bathing in the tub is not entirely desirable; however, you can still indulge showers using creams and fragrances adding them on a sponge or scrubber to go through your body and enjoy a more relaxing shower.

Another trick is to cover or clog the drain and place in a couple of inches of water oil droplets fragrance while you shower with warm water to release their aroma.

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2 Reviews about The bath, the perfect time to indulge yourself
on 09/09/2014
I heartily agree!! This is absolutely the number one, best way to indulge yourself. I have in the past had a problem with UTI's, so I haven't taken a bath in over 2 years. I have been healthy for a while, however, so I think I'll give it another try with some essential oils!
on 31/03/2013
Oh my god, I just love bathing with oils and fragrances, my favorite one is lavender, it?s very relaxing, the smell is perfect and you can enjoy it very much, I recommend applying aloe gel after the bath and performing and exfolitation once or twice a week to keep the skin clean and fresh, and then the baths will be even better.

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