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The balance through Food

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The balance through Food

The European diet has too many products and too many refined animal protein, too much milk and butter or margarine or fat fries. All these foods are too dense for the sedentary life of the majority.

We are starting to get respect for fat and cholesterol of the heart, but still far from having it for seemingly innocuous foods such as sugar and white bread. And the effects are not today, but tomorrow. A Czech researcher, Dr. Bemásek, experimented with rats the effects of a diet based on white flour to which was added all the essential nutrients (vitamins, minerals, lipids and proteins). After a year some offspring rats, showed, among other problems, a degeneration of the skeleton and ligaments. And as a year for a rat involves 30 for men, then problems by eating refined products along the years, begin to appear after 30 years.

For nothing says: "Beauty to 30 is a gift of Nature, and from then on, everyone has the face what deserves."  You do not have to wait until 30 to meet with bone pain, stomach ulcers, stomach, chin, insomnia...

There are many other problems related to poor nutrition that are considered normal in children and adolescents for the simple reason that most suffer them: cavities, allergies, multiple infections, nervousness, etc.

A study on school children, revealed a significant correlation between the number of cavities and the type of food: white bread, white sugar. The improvement sought by the taking of fluorine is less obvious. Children who take it regularly have worst teeth in the end that those who take it only occasionally.

Our brain also suffers mistakes with our food. As the French neurobiologist Jean-Marie Bourran in his book "The Brain Diet" says, "eating badly stun you." The abuse of sugar and products containing it harm consumers, producing among other effects, reduced the ability of mental concentration. Proof of this is that as adults, especially women tend to take a sweet unconsciously when they want to forget problems. For the same reason, the man goes to drink.

But now it is said, especially in the medical and political circles, that the health of civilized peoples has never been so good as now. Statistical evidence is cited as the continuing increase in life expectancy. However, the statistics do not speak of death in any case on the frequency of the disease, thus providing the misconception that the general state of health is improving. If the statistics were based not on the deaths but disease, the result would be quite different: we are increasingly ill but take longer to die.

It is difficult to take responsibility for our health in an environment where science and progress are responsible for everything. Pharmaceuticals and dietary made us believe that the human body needs constant medical supervision, drugs, encapsulated vitamins and dietary supplements to stay healthy.

In the minds of nearly all their problems is attributed to factors unrelated to us: the cold, a virus, bad luck, pollution... It is true that these factors influence, but are not decisive.

We are convinced that the flu last winter was due to the virus and turn into reality what happened was that the virus, to find a nice place, was very happy to stay there.

Microorganisms proliferate only when the internal environment is right for them, and the internal environment is altered fundamentally with what we eat.

American Professor William Eilis has addressed the issue for years and has found a direct relationship between the extensive consumption of milk and various alterations such as allergies, ear infections, pharyngitis, mucus, tumors ... All this research would not have been necessary if we had taken moment to look around the lands. We do not find any adult animal, much less sucking females of a species different from yours.

Disease of Developed defenses?

Any body energetically puts up a defense mechanism that many people confuse with disease and are quick to cut.

The ability to feel pain is a defense, the few individuals who lack such experience do not feel discomfort when they remain in the same position for long time. This unnatural statism makes difficult to irrigate the joints and promotes its degradation. Such individuals usually die in early adulthood by tissue injuries and infections.

It is not the same balanced diet than getting balance though food

The concept of balanced diet was thinking about the foods that provide nutrients necessary for sustenance, but it is a bit disadvantaged because establishing food to give us a minimum of nutrients, has led us to others which have too much, which we didn’t care or simply were unaware of. It is not about simply meeting the minimum, but not exceeding the maximum, and choosing the proper source of nutrients.

The diet is not something that can be measured mathematically, isolating certain elements. Scientists have identified nutrients in the diet about 60 elements. But, there are new components whose effect is unknown. That's why we eat what nature provides, the fresher, the best, and no taking artificial elements to separate and partially produced in proportions that do not know if they are correct. There is no point in taking vitamin supplements and then have a poor diet forever.

We live moments of confusion, we do not know who to listen to. The real problem is that we point to the nature of both our intuition and common sense has been lost. We have no choice but to believe the foundations of science, after a long meeting again with nature.

The more balanced diet is one that is compatible with better health for everyone. Health status also depends on the Constitution, the environment in which we live and how we move it.

Our body is like a car that will last more or less, better or worse, with conditions as we drive. Obviously not all cars are equal, it's time to drive a few grants and other four cans. We first become aware of what is before us. It is clear that the four cans cannot afford to run as fast as the Mercedes, is in danger of burning.

Each has inherited a constitution that cannot change, but to maintain and get the maximum performance that is our duty to Nature as we are parts of it.

Olga Cuevas Fernández

Extracted from the book "The balance through food."

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2 Reviews about The balance through Food
on 19/04/2014
this short article can explain very well how to find the balance, which should be found not only in diet and food but in other matters of life as family, work, and even love, you have to reach the balance that can be able to maintain your life in a very good way...
on 07/02/2014
Well, today is difficult to make people forget about those harmful foods and I think that most of the people are not being fed in the right way or do not even meet the necessary elements even though they consume especial drugs and things like that, but remember, you are what you eat!

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