The Association CAAE promotes  industrial ecological activities Der Verein CAAE fördert die ökologische Industrie La Asociación CAAE impulsa las actividades industriales ecológicas

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The Association CAAE promotes industrial ecological activities

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The Association CAAE promotes  industrial ecological activities

In December, 13 new companies were incorporated in the certification authority of the Association CAAE. In the field of industries, the integration of eight companies in the organic sector of animal production highlights, including the first ecological poultry slaughterhouse Lazarus Bird in Ronda (Malaga). Also COVAP slaughterhouse has obtained organic certification from the Association CAAE before the end of 2006. In the animal sector, the Municipal League Matadero Linens in La Linea (Cadiz); Carnes Cano in Úbeda (Jaén) and the exploitation Hazas in Jaén, both devoted to sheep meat have joined.

It is important the incorporation of organic baking company Mondat Baker, as their facilities are unique in Spain. Other embodiments of the companies were in December and horticultural Eurocastell The Frutense, located in Granada and Natural Terrallana in Madrid. Cooperative Society Field marketing of Honey Málaga and Jaén-born oil trader Oleonostrum.

The Association CAAE wishes to stress the importance of agribusiness and marketing of organic products in rural development as stated in paragraph four of the Zuheros statement: 'The Organic Agriculture believes in economic progress in rural areas. We must strengthen the local agricultural industry and the marketing of our products, production processes and closing business and reinvesting the value added in our environment. We are developing the overseas market, domestic consumption and local markets by promoting the economies of the areas of origin.'

In this sense, CAAE Association stresses the importance of enhancing the processing industry and processing methods. Thus in 2006 the total number of operators registered processors in the certification authority has reached 331 and has increased the payroll of companies, over 2005 in 25 industries.

For activities, eco-industries registered with the Association CAAE involved in the development and / or packing of oil are the most numerous and account for 25.6% of all industries involved in the handling and packaging of products fresh concentrated 14.2% of the organic business, followed by baking and pasta with a 11.17%. The cellars and bottling wines represent 5.4% of the activity registered by the eco Association CAAE, abattoirs and cutting plants represent 4.8% of the operators, the same percentage as the handling and packing of grains.

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1 Reviews about The Association CAAE promotes industrial ecological activities
on 01/11/2015
We definitely need to start getting organic processes and mindsets into the "industrial" sector. There's a lot of support in communities and in the people for organic productions, but somehow this just hasn't ascended into the "industrial" sector, great news!

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