Thalassotherapy, enjoy the healing properties of the sea Thalassotherapie, genießen Sie die heilende Wirkung des Meeres Talasoterapia, disfruta las propiedades curativas del mar

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Thalassotherapy, enjoy the healing properties of the sea

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Thalassotherapy, enjoy the healing properties of the sea

Thalassotherapy is a rediscovered spa treatment based on an ancient belief in the healing properties of seawater. The word appeared in France from the Greek "Thalassa", that means sea and "therapeia" meaning healing.

Today, thalassotherapy is used as an alternative treatment for medical conditions and has become a popular tourist attraction for stress reduction and relaxation, as well as a favorite method of anti-aging. In many cases it is a useful therapy to improve circulation.

The thalassotherapy uses not only seawater but also, sand, mud, algae, and other marine and sea derivatives to obtain benefits. All these materials are cleaned and purified before use.

Treatments may include: mud baths, underwater showers, whirlpool, algae masks, aromatherapy and others to provide calm and wellbeing to the body.

How does it serve?

The thalassotherapy main objective is to increase blood circulation, as this is affected by stress, poor diet and pollution.

The composition of sea water is so similar to human blood, that dives in warm seawater may promote absorption of minerals such as magnesium, potassium and calcium sulfates through the skin. This not only increases blood circulation, also has beneficial effects on the skin pores, such as tone and moisturizing.
Thalassotherapy also helps detoxify and nourish the skin and relax the body.

Benefits of Thalassotherapy

More and more people are turning to the thalassotherapy treatments for anti-aging. It has become a preferred treatment for cellulite reduction for its effectiveness and its calming effect.

The causes of cellulite are generally attributed to poor blood circulation and accumulation of toxins, so a thalassotherapy treatment can usually fight these agents while providing other benefits.

Some benefits of thalassotherapy are:

  • Tones and cleans the skin
  • Helps lose weight with the help of improved metabolism
  • Improves cardiovascular function (believed to help improve hypertension)
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Improves the quality of sleep
  • Reliefs symptoms of eczema, psoriasis, back and muscle pain, and stress reduction
  • Thalassotherapy also been used as an anti-smoking treatment

There is no currently scientific evidence of the effectiveness of Thalassotherapy, even though many people give anecdotal evidence about how it has helped. It is believed that many of the benefits are generated by stress reduction.

Want to try?

There are many types of thalassotherapy, choose the one most appropriate for your goals. If you want to enjoy the nutritional benefits of algae in your skin, then a seaweed mask may be the right choice, you will be wrapped in algae and herbs, lying in a thermal blanket to keep warm, but the experience can be more relaxing than you expect.

Moreover, some dives, are designed to improve circulation in the legs, and surely you will get immersed in a pool where you can move, alternating with hot and cold water, turning a pleasant experience.

Other types of Thalassotherapy

The ionization: can be used to ionize sea water with negative ions and is inhaled or sprayed, so may be an alternative to treat respiratory tract.

The spa: As the name implies, it is a massage with water jets provided.

Wine therapy: This is a treatment that uses thermal water, grape extracts and wine to improve circulation and strengthen blood vessels.

Balneotherapy: Combines the benefits of thermal water and sea water to improve circulation.

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3 Reviews about Thalassotherapy, enjoy the healing properties of the sea
on 06/09/2014
I am so excited to read this, because I am from Nebraska (a very, VERY land-locked state. No bodies of water for miles), and I just moved to southeast alaska, and we're not living on a small island, surrounded my mountains and ocean to all sides. this sounds like a very beneficial treatment, and I'm now excited to learn more about it!
on 23/06/2014
that name is very rare, but the benfits seem unlimited, I should try this out as soon as I can!
on 18/11/2012
I haven?t heard about this kind of therapy but it looks amazing! I?m looking forward doing it, maybe you should give more recommendations. For example, if people with certain skin can?t enter the water, or something. Well thanks for the article, I amazing to hear about new techniques to have a healthier body.

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