Thai Massage and its application in healthcare Thai-Massage und Anwendung in der Gesundheit Masaje Tailandés y su aplicación en la Salud

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Thai Massage and its application in healthcare

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Thai Massage and its application in healthcare

Traditional Thai massage, also called Nuad-Bo-Rarn, is an ancient form of massage closely linked to the practice of Buddhism. This massage begins as a form of relaxation, but also celebrates the unity of body and the mind, with a deep spiritual connection that promotes balance and encourages compassion, happiness and joy.

What is it?

Its main function is to give the body energy balance, so it doesn’t provide just relaxation and enjoyment, but also has medicinal uses and preventive uses.

Its medicinal functions

Thai massage is mainly based on the harmonious relationship that exists between body and spirit. When there is harmony between them, the vital energy, also called prana, circulates efficiently for all the nadis (energy system of the body), and then we have a healthy body and strong body. When there is an imbalance or lack of harmony between body and spirit, then what happens is called an energy blockade, which causes what we call disease.

Vital energy, blockages and disease

The theory says that when there is a blockage in the flow of vital energy (prana), the energy body is reduced and there is sickness. The energy blockages can result from many causes: an emotional misunderstanding, saved pain, tendency to bitterness, confusion and insecurity, resentment and more. These moods and mental states usually occur when there is resistance to accept new ways of thinking and new knowledge, and the same strength or inflexibility causes the body to form knots of tension, i.e., blockade energy.

Thai Massage and diseases

Thai massage works on specific blocked areas by stimulating certain points on the body, "breaking" or dissolving accumulated stress. The massage techniques are applied with the hands and helping to release stagnant energy, stimulating the flow of prana and contributing to the welfare of the affected or weakened body.

So we can say that the main objectives of this massage are:

At the physical level:

  • To reduce muscle tension.
  • To stimulate the circulation.
  • Effective to help in cases of chronic tension and contractures.
  • To invigorate metabolism.
  • To relax the body in general.
  • It helps to dissolve root causes of disease.
  • t can soothe headaches, neck, back and shoulders pain.

In the spiritual and emotional level:

  • It helps to release repressed emotions.
  • To recover inner balance.
  • To return to a state of calm.
  • To free of charge sensations, heaviness, depression, fatigue.
  • To promote a state of joy and peace.

How to do it?

There are many techniques to implement this massage. However, this is a massage that is in any case, musical, as during a session the therapist applies various techniques that include a mixture of swings and gentle rhythms. The masseur uses, in addition, a number of different stretches, postures and with different degrees of intensity which, applied together, create a truly enjoyable experience throughout the patient's body. Pressure from certain areas of the body with the palms, fingers, elbows and forearms of the therapist are also used.

Some masseurs prefer to begin implementing the massage with both hands up with certain movements and pressures by the power lines of the body, and stopping at strategic points where pressure is more or less forced as required by the patient.

Positions by the close contact that is established between the patient and the therapist sometimes might seem erotic. However, it is clarified that this physical contact is not sensual, as is known that the professional masseurs decrease their sexual appetite with meditation, and as this connection is achieved between patient and therapist, forget that idea. Please note that this massage involves all the body parts associated with power lines, including genitals, nipples and buttocks. But these areas are not touched unless the patient requests it.

Who can take this massage?

This massage is really suitable for anyone, even children can take it. However, pregnant women should seek advice from their doctor.

As is known, each person responds to a particular mode of therapy and massage, according to their health and their ability to experiment with new alternatives. However, this form of massage has been used long ago by innumerable generations with the aim of providing welfare and lead to an improvement in the overall level of health.

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2 Reviews about Thai Massage and its application in healthcare
on 17/07/2014
Oh man, we have some friends that went to Thailand over winter last year and said they had an amazing time. Everyday they got hour long massage sessions by the beach for just a few US dollars each time. If anyone is visiting, I highly recommend a daily massage...for all the above mentioned reasons!
on 27/12/2012
This massage looks amazing to recover health and feel relaxed, I wonder where can I have a therapy, maybe I should try to search in the internet for a place to receive this interesting massage, thanks for the information

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