14th edition of Barcelona Biocultura 14. Auflage der Barcelona Bioculture 14ª Edición de BioCultura en Barcelona

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14th edition of Barcelona Biocultura

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14th edition of Barcelona Biocultura

Biocultura reaches its 14th edition in its call for Barcelona. The most important fair of Spain expects the participation of 650 exhibitors and over 80,000 visitors.

We, thus, celebrate a successful career, a reflection of an industry consolidation that has evolved and has been implemented in the Spanish society as a future.

Biocultura is the leading trade fair of biological reference of multisectorial of products and services related to environment and quality of life. It is about responsible consumption of GM-free zone in the Spanish state.


“Vida Sana” declared of Public Utility, is the organizer of Biocultura. In 1974, Spain brought in and promoted the movement of the biological culture. Already 33 years denouncing and announcing beforehand scandals that have been happening, and at the same time, ways of building viable and profitable ways of production to farmers, ranchers and industry, and healthy lifestyle to human health and the environment.

In this globalized world, based on a pure capitalist law, survival is not easy. The self is the basis of independence that characterizes Vida Sana and thus also to Biocultura. The severity, persistence and transparency have become important in Biocultura.

What is Biocultura?

Biocultura Fair of Alternatives and Quality of Life and the International Green Week is an event of international character, which is the second of its kind held in Europe.

It us held annually in Barcelona and Madrid.

Biocultura had 14 editions in Barcelona, a number important enough to celebrate the success of the movement of the biological culture.

The most important fair of the Spanish state on this occasion expect participation of over 650 exhibitors and over 80,000 visitors in the Palau Sant Jordi.


Biocultura, this long-awaited annual event, is a symbol of change, in turn, necessary and imperative to take the final step towards a truly sustainable world.

Alternative and responsible consumption fair is the vanguard of all modern and old trends which want to make our world a cleaner and more pleasant place to live. 

The happiness of simple, finding beauty in what we do at work, family life, leisure ... is at the heart of Biocultura.

What Bioculture offers?

More than 14,000 references of ecological food products make up the largest sector of the fair. These stands and food companies are in a single flag.

Other sectors that will help us bring in all aspects of our everyday life a healthier life make a wide range of products and services that give the show another profile and attract plenty of people interested in issues and concerns.

Natural products for hygiene and cosmetics, bio-materials, renewable energy, furniture and decoration for housing and healthy workplaces; complementary therapies and medicines, saving and recycling, industrial hemp, ecology, environment, tourism and rural nursing homes, toys, crafts, music, books and magazines.

Professional fair

The most important is the biological food. A wide range of products and services complete the offer of the fair which, combined with a high level of quality, maturity and professionalism, characteristic traders and businesses in each edition.

Biocultura welcomes professionals in each of the sectors and promotes the participation of consumers, thus becoming a showcase for organic agriculture and in a framework of respect for the forms of production based, in turn, respect to life.

Professionals have the opportunity to hear directly from distributors and operators to conduct their business in a simple manner. Businesses, meanwhile, have this showcase to provide and care for their customers and get new ones attracted by the high level of diffusion of the show and its future projection.

Entrepreneurs, owners, specifiers, importers, exporters, professional chefs and many other arts and disciplines come to the place where you will find answers and insurance proposals.

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