Ten tips to achieve perfect abs Zehn Tipps für perfekte ABS Diez consejos para lograr unos abdominales perfectos

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Ten tips to achieve perfect abs

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Ten tips to achieve perfect abs

If you want to have a flat belly, with no fat and your muscles well defined, we have compiled the best tips so you can show off some impeccable abs!

Above all, keep in mind that to achieve your goal you must take into account your exercise as your food and your attitude!

  1. Work your abdomen throughout the day: If you manage to activate your abdominal muscles for a long time while doing your daily activities, you're adding time and quality of work your abdominal training. The idea is that this belly “works" all the time. If you cannot keep it long, you must endure a few seconds while your back is straight. Remember this when you move to other places.
  2. Do not forget the importance of breathing: The abdominal muscles are some of the action involved in breathing.
  3. Works from the bottom up: First you have to work the lower abs, the most difficult to tone, then works the oblique, ending higher, since the latter are simpler to work.
  4. Try to gradually increase your training: it is progressing as there will be a moment that the training effort will not lead to your body. Before reaching this point you should modify your routine and find a harder.
  5. The best thing is to sit slowly: Try to make it as slow as possible, thus eliminating the inertia and get to work the muscles at the top and go down. Exercise oblique one minute on each side.
  6. As with any muscle group, relax in order to grow: Do not exceed at work, since the amount does not equal quality.
  7. Do not forget to train the obliques or side: To complete the development of your abdominal muscles.
  8. You will need to train the entire body: And create more growth as this will enhance all the muscles in general.
  9. Make a thorough job that consists of localized exercises: (Abdominal), proper diet and aerobic exercise.
  10. For your dietEliminate all unnecessary fat from your diet

Reduce as much as possible of the carbohydrates.

Try not to consume food during the night, high in carbohydrates such as bread and pasta. Choose more vegetables and protein for your dinner.

Exercise for upper abdominal

Stretch on the floor with knees bent, the soles of the feet on the ground and you arms crossed over your chest. Rose shoulders slowly about 30 º. During contraction you should direct the head toward the knees, do not raise it vertically.

Exercise for lower abdominal

Lean against a wall sign. Notice that your buttocks are in contact with the wall, but above them, the lumbar spine does not form an arc that plays it.

From this position, the movement you should do is to get your lower spine to touch the wall. To this must tilt the pelvis, i.e. against the belly (abdominal) under the buttocks up and forward. In doing so it is likely notice that your heels are raised and is supported on the tips of your feet, or knees slightly flexed. That's normal.

Once you have ensured that the lumbar spine lean against the wall, hold the position for about 5 seconds. Then return to the starting position and repeat the movement until the series.

Exercise for abdominal oblique / lateral

As its name suggests are the abdominals that are on the sides. This exercise is done, if we are beginners, in three sets of ten repetitions resting 30 seconds in each run. If we are more advanced users, the series with 30 seconds of rest may be 20 repetitions. The way to do is the following: position of lying on the mattress, raise the trunk, but this time try and laterally flex the opposite leg trying to touch your elbow with the opposite knee.

Following the completion of any abdominal exercise, you should stretch well. One way is placed face up, extend your arms back and legs forward. Also make the exercises for the torso and back to avoid suffering unnecessarily and is best to use a mat.

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2 Reviews about Ten tips to achieve perfect abs
on 06/08/2014
Wow, thanks so much for the info! I'm always looking for new ways to exercise the abs. They seem to be just such a hard place to target. Arms and legs are so easy, because all you have to do it run, climb a mountain, go for a bike ride, do some yoga. But the abs take (what seems to me) excruciating dedication to isolate the area. I really liked your article about just doing 5 minutes of the same exercise, changing up the exercise every day. I've been doing that, and it's pretty easy to stick to. I'll try some of these new recommendations.
on 04/07/2013
New info I have found about sports, neat! Now I have a good six pack but I wanted to keep it in this way without doing too much exercise because I?m kind of tired, so I opted for doing some exercise just a couple of times a day preferable when I?m doing other activities, that?s a good option to rest

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