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Tecpatzín: Alternative Therapy Center

The proposed center is to provide a range of therapies, courses and workshops to help IMPROVE QUALITY OF LIFE. This includes professionals and organizations, and physical space specially assembled for this.

While these are difficult times both economically and socially, they are not new to humans. This period is characterized by the continuous rise of negative stimuli that are installed in us and create mental and physical disorders.

The various activities carried out by CENTER aim to help make a diagnosis as possible of what is happening to us to act beyond the symptom. The symptom is just the latest in a series of changes which we have no conscience.

By incorporating tools that facilitate us to better understand the mechanisms that allow us to preserve our health, recover and prevent future illness.

In Tecpatzín, we use different means as complementary therapies and activities. The way it works is CENTER TEAM. In addition to the specific activity you want to make the person, you are given the opportunity to learn other techniques and activities to broaden their information to their advantage.

The first consultations and classes in this program are free.

This is a team of health professionals trained in different disciplines encompassing both the physical and mental, and spiritual energy.


Individual / group

The ability to know each other better can take an active role in our health and quality of life. This sets a previous interview, free, in which the person expresses the need, and is told how to work together in teams and designing therapies or activities suitable for each particular case.

Among the various schemes of work offers the opportunity to participate in opening sessions of some disciplines for free to spread knowledge about techniques, which complemented can enable faster results, effective and durable.

One of the main activities offered by the center is of LANA Mandala Workshops

Mandala comes from Sanskrit and means sacred circle is a symbol of healing, wholeness, unity and integration: The absolute.

A mandala is basically a circle, is the perfect way therefore represents the symbol of the cosmos, eternity.

It represents the creation, the world, man, life ... ... Walking, dancing, cover, drawing, painting and creating mandalas helps us heal the feelings of spiritual and psychic fragmentation, manifest creative and not reconnecting with our essential being.

Learn to knit mandalas meditation and discovering our inner creativity.

Mandalas are schematic diagrams or symbolic representations of the macrocosm and microcosm.


The eyes of god (si'kuli) are a sacred part of the culture Wixarika (Huichol).

They are symbols of power and serve to understand things. According to Kauyuma'li legend, one that shaped the world could see everything that was inside the Earth and everything that was over it when he looked through a si'kuli.

In its sense of ceremony, the eye of God is an offering to the gods to ask for the proper growth of children. They are also used as offerings to seek protection in other areas of everyday life, and in each case, may have variations in size, in the length of the rods, in the colors you choose, the way colors are distributed and supplements that can be added to si'kuli to request special favors.
Making a mandala is an active meditation technique, functions as an anchor to this, in our here and now.

You have a variety of designs available, see the options you have and let one of them attract you. There is a color, texture of wool, a specific Mandala waiting for you at this time, let it call you.

Try it your intuition and not your mind that decides. Be guided by your feelings and attractions rather than the dictates of your mind.


Mandalas act balancing the chakras through meditation colors and making the logical side of our brain through geometric forms.

The mandala will send impulses to the inner mind reaching receptors in the brain that process and get a reaction.

Other workshops and courses in Tecpatzín:

  • Nutrition
  • Polarity
  • Foot Reflexology
  • Personal improvement
  • Individual Therapies
  • Kinesiology
  • Free informative talks and workshops
  • Ayurveda
  • Polarity Therapy
  • Basic course in polarity therapy
  • Reflexology
  • Self-awareness and personal growth
  • Introductory workshops and practical information
  • Workshop for Women
  • Physical activity
  • Tantric Yoga
  • Personal Therapy
  • Gestalt therapy / massage Californian
  • Pedagogy / gestalt / pnl
  • Bach Flowers / massage / Evolutionary Tarot

More information:
The Center is located in
Camí Ral de la Mercè No. 453, 2 º 1 º;
City of Mataró,
Province of Barcelona.

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2 Reviews about Tecpatzín: Alternative Therapy Center
on 17/12/2014
What a great idea. I am a huge proponent of alternative therapies, because the truth is, our society has created and bred so many illnesses with our insensitivity and our relentless need for "success". How could a society like that possibly dream up cures for said illnesses with the same paradigm that created the illness in the first place?
on 02/06/2013
Wow, never had heard about that mandala thing, but I searched some designs and they are pretty nice, I do not know exactly what they mean but sound interesting and well everything that helps your inner soul can be welcomed in your body, so let?s search more about mandalas right now!

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