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8 Teas to cure Overweight

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8 Teas to cure Overweight

Among the long list of remedies for weight loss, and teas, there is a big difference: most of the "other" alternatives will only help you lose weight: teas or herbal infusions (herbal teas) will heal. And when you are truly healed, overweight does not return.

Herbs are one of the best friends of human beings, have been used since immemorial times to cure all kinds of conditions, plus they have also been used to accentuate beauty. From a depth standpoint, being overweight is the result of an imbalance of health that can, in many cases, be serious. And the wise master to cure overweight are herbs.

Here is a list of teas and herbs to cure overweight. But first, some general recommendations before you start this healing process.


Teas you must take after each meal, three cups a day is more than enough. You should not prepare highly charged teas that could be toxic. It is best to use a tablespoon of herb or a pouch of tea per cup.

If you want to accentuate or accelerate the results of this treatment, your diet needs to support the process: you should make every effort to eliminate junk from your diet products, meats and refined sugars and fried foods, fats and dairy animal. Ideally, if you want to cure excess weight quickly and effectively, you should take pure tea, and miso soup or salad of raw vegetables at noon, accompanied by some bread for food. In the evenings (no later than 7 pm), a vegetable milk will be sufficient together with another piece of bread or pasta. We must continue this diet a week and then continue with the teas and eliminate sugary products and animal fats.

Because it is a healing process, you may feel some symptoms like stomach pain, diarrhea, headache, nausea, rash, etc., At first. If this happens, we should not stop the diet, be persistent.

You can choose the teas that you like from the list below. The key is not exceeding 2 or 3 cups of tea per day maximum. At first you start with three cups, if you are overweight a lot, as you see results, down to two cups and keep a diet free of refined sugars, fried foods, dairy and animal fats to keep your body and your health in excellent condition.

List of Teas

1. Horsetail tea:

Tea is a diuretic and tonic, take one or two cups a day maximum. This herb helps to reduce anxiety, distress, stress and depression, which influence in making obese. In addition, cleanses intestines and blood of toxins and unnecessary adhesions.

2. Sarsaparilla Tea:

Helps remove the fluid retained in the body, helping to lower the overweight caused by fluid retention.

3. Fucus Tea:

Weight Loss excellent properties, ideal to combat obesity and hypothyroidism, cleanses the body of beneficial fats effectively. 2 or 3 cups a day help you lose weight.

4. Hyssop Tea:

This is a very effective reductive tea; you can take tea or tincture, helps burn fat quickly and eliminate toxic waste from intestines and blood.

5. Horehound tea:

Slimming properties. Help to purify the body and cleanses it of fat and toxins. Two cups a day in the diet will be enough to start losing weight.

6. Green tea:

Besides being a purifying and slimming tea, is rich in antioxidants, which help prevent premature deterioration of the cells. Two or three cups a day after eating are very effective against fat, helping the oxidation of fat stores. There is evidence that consumption of green tea increases metabolism which is essential in weight loss. Taking a cup of green tea in the morning helps burn about 80 calories per day.

7. Red tea:

It is preferred for weight loss, helps purify fat quickly and effectively.

8. Gotu kola tea:

Has very beneficial effects on blood circulation, combat cellulite and also to burn fat and promote blood circulation, helps to reaffirm the tissues. Three cups a day of this tea per day are sufficient.

Remember, if you start seeing results, you should try to follow the diet proposed eliminating the aforementioned products, so that overweight will not return.

You must take into account also that a cure requires a process of adaptation of the body but also the mind, to build new habits with new knowledge.

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2 Reviews about 8 Teas to cure Overweight
on 09/04/2015
Teas really are a great ally for losing weight, but I really think we do need to emphasize all the other important aspects for losing weight and staying healthy, which would include a well balanced, plant based diet, free of junk food and artificial sugars, as well as plenty of exercise to burn calories and extra pounds.
on 29/04/2013
Hey, teas can be a nice touch and change of habits, I think that drinking tea can help you to avoid sugary drinks as sodas, and this is enough to help you reduce weight in a very powerful way, I?m going to taste the teas mentioned here and select one to start a new diet!

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