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Take care of your liver

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Take care of your liver

You shouldn’t wait until your liver becomes weak or ill to attend it. Believe it or not, many people have a sick and weak liver without knowing it. With some day care activities, you can keep this organ in top condition, which is one of the most important of the body and a number of body functions depend on it.

The liver is the second largest organ in the body after the skin, it performs about 5000 tasks, and one of the principal is to filter about one liter of blood per minute (when healthy). During this filtration, the liver cleans the blood of hormones, drugs, medicines, chemicals, germs, toxins, etc.

The liver is responsible for maintaining the body in the proportion of glucose, protein, fat, cholesterol, hormones and vitamins, it helps to use food as nutrients, reuse and recycle iron, aids in digestion by secreting more than one liter of bile a day, participating in an appropriate and optimal immune system functioning.

To care for your liver, you must follow certain habits, so you can always stay healthy and young, and you will avoid the long list of conditions that derive from it such as hepatitis, cirrhosis, yellow eyes, obesity, etc.

Cleanse your liver

It is recommended to do a cleansing diet once a month for the liver to rest, get stronger and recover from possible weaknesses.

For a diet of purification, you only need to choose two or three days where you're not too busy, since the tension and pressure also affect the liver. For 2 or 3 days, devote yourself to eat only one fruit and two liters of pure water only. You can choose any of the following fruits: grapes, oranges, pineapple, papaya or apples. It is recommended that you only choose one fruit and consume the same fruit during the two or three days. Eat all you want. If you choose to do the diet for three days, on the third day, suspend fruit at lunch and eat a soup or vegetable broth not too cooked and a some rice.

This diet, in addition to give rest to your liver, helps you to lose extra kilos, reduce bad cholesterol and lower abdomen. For the fourth day, eat a bowl of fruit in the morning (choose another) and wait twenty minutes after eating to start introducing other light foods, such as a bowl of oatmeal without sugar ( You can add a teaspoon of honey), or a piece of whole meal toast with olive oil and tomato. Avoid eating the following foods: flour and refined sugars, red meat, fried foods, meats, cow's milk and derivatives, alcohol (alcohol is one of the substances that cause more damages to the liver), coffee and vinegar. Do not eat a lot; remember to incorporate slowly and gradually new foods.

Foods and supplements to maintain healthy liver

All vegetables, juices and salads, citrus and antioxidants. The fats of vegetable milks and whole grains are great for the liver. Radishes, beets, carrots, garlic, lemon juice fasting and artichoke salads are great foods to strengthen and debug the liver.

Thistle milk is one of the best remedies for the liver, you can get benefits from this herb in salads (raw and tender) or infusion.

Artichoke, dandelion and boldo are also great for cleansing the liver and keep you healthy.

Chlorophyll, flax, aloe vera juice, milk plants, seaweed and soy and derivates.

Other recommendations and habits for the health of your liver

Combination of food: it is necessary to take into account that by eating fruits or sugary foods with other foods, your body produces alcohol. This happens because when foods are combined with sugar or sugary drinks, the body creates fermentation, i.e. food is broken down faster in the body, creating many toxins and alcohols which damage the liver. So you should try not to combine fruit and sugar in food, fruits are very nutritious for the liver, but you must eat them alone, twenty minutes before each meal and wait an hour after eating.

If you are overweight, you should do everything possible to lose the extra kilos, since obesity attack severely the liver due to fatty deposits that can cause inflammation and sores on your liver, causing fatty liver and other severe disorders.

Uncontrolled anger and tension: if you get angry or are constantly under stress, it's better to try new ways to solve your emotions as anger and constant pressure as these severely damage the liver. For this, you need to practice exercises to release tension and emotions that cause you stress. Also, try to read books that give you new approaches and ways to solve life more pleasant and joyful.

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3 Reviews about Take care of your liver
on 25/02/2015
The liver really is one of the most important organs in the body, and still, I think a lot of people don't understand or realize just how important it is to keep it healthy and clean. All the alcohol that people drink - depression, partying, stress - It all adds up. We have to care for it while we still can.
on 15/01/2013
My brother has live problem because of the alcohol, well, that?s what I thought until my doctor told me that it may be genetic and even though I do not drink alcohol, I might get problems and diseases with the time, so this article it?s perfect to change that and to start a better life and diet, and avoid those problems.
on 03/10/2011
Taking care of the Liver is always a healthy way to feel good. Hoping this might be of help to everyone ! = )

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