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Take care of your Heart

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Take care of your Heart

Caring for the heart is somehow a simple task, if undertaken with the heart. You do not need so many things to keep it healthy. With some care and some unique secrets, you can say goodbye to any heart disease, and make each beat healthy, strong and full of energy.

The heart is not only one of the most important organs of the body, but is associated with one of the most powerful and wonderful emotions we can feel: love. So taking care of our heart should be a priority, because if this organ is fine, certainly everything in our life will be the same.

Heart diseases are the result of physical neglect, bad habits and bad emotional life or poor understanding. The heart is a really strong and tireless organ, but has high sensitivity. We must try to keep it healthy if we want a life of true quality in every way.

If you wish to heal your heart or want to have a strong heart and healthy life, please follow the recommendations. If you follow them your will certainly recover and/or maintain a healthy heart.

Caring for the heart

The first thing you should consider whether your heart is weak or sick or just want to keep it healthy is diet. There are many products on the market that provide no nutritional value and only cause the heart to work more and accumulate toxins and harmful fats.


  • You start by trying to eliminate from your diet all junk and processed products such as fast foods, fried foods, colorings or additives.
  • Red meat should be eaten sparingly, and when consumed trying to serve with salad or fresh vegetable juice.
  • Never eat sugary or cold drinks (like soda or fruit drinks), which cause the fat to harden in the stomach causing very difficult ingestion and the accumulation of toxins and harmful fats in the body.
  • In the food, you should only a warm glass of pure water, with a lemon squeezed but unsweetened, so digestion is very beneficial and food does not ferment quickly.
  • Avoid eating too much at one meal, chew slowly and slow down while eating or after a strong anger.
  • The best foods for the heart are: fresh and raw vegetables, whole grains and vegetable milks, which are free of toxic fats, additives and hormones. Cow's milk (including light) is not recommended as it causes many problems in the intestine so the best are the vegetable milks.
  • Taking one tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil is a great preventative for heart disease.
  • Drink a glass of warm water with a lemon juice each day while fasting for congestion in veins and arteries and clean the blood.


  • Exercise remains as one of the healthier habits to keep your heart strong and full of energy. We recommend cycling, walking or jogging 40 minutes daily, starting 20 minutes if you've never done physical activity.
  • The physical rest is another habit which helps the heart to be healthy. You must try to sleep at least eight hours, and avoid working if you feel tired, exhausted or stressed.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol.
  • If you feel very depressed or tense, or you're afraid and angry often, take time to relax and love your heart.

Love your heart

  • Loving the heart is synonymous with loving oneself. This is important for a healthy heart.
  • Do not let anyone abuse you or treat you in ways that make you feel unworthy or cause you pain. Your heart wants affection and respect, learn from your pain and don’t push yourself more than you can give.
  • Loving your heart means to accept who you are, you know your weaknesses and your strengths.
  • Loving your heart means you do not criticize or judge you harshly, but you watch and learn from your mistakes.

If you follow these simple tips will definitely notice a true recovery from your heart, and have no problems throughout your life. Although medicines are often part of the cardiac treatments, they do not really cure it, because no medicine can help us to love more or understand better. So, remember that you have a real cure to prevent any heart disease.

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2 Reviews about Take care of your Heart
on 20/08/2014
Cardiovascular disease runs in my family, and I'm the only one who has taken steps to imrpove cardiovascular health. I hope it inspires my family, but I exercise regularly and eat mostly fresh fruits and vegetables, unprocessed foods, etc. My grandpa had a heart attack before he was 60 and needed triple bypass surgery. He has since given up smoking, but is still very unhealthy. Being old doesn't mean being sick. Health is everyone's individual responsibility.
on 07/01/2013
I?m getting old and I?m afraid of the hearth conditions that might come to myself, but thanks to this article I understood that being old doesn?t mean to be sick. We have to take care of our body during all of our life and we will enjoy a time of happiness an more, even though we are old or people tells us that we can get conditions easily.

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