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Take care and keep clean your eyes

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Take care and keep clean your eyes

The eyes and around the area, that includes eyelashes and eyelids, are very delicate and we must care for them, clean them and not touch them constantly to prevent any bacterial infection that can damage your eyes.

In the air there are countless bacteria that are harmful to the eyes. Even the eyebrows and eyelids normally offer protection, sometimes it’s not enough, more if we collaborate with this infection that can range from redness to fungal keratitis, which is more serious and attacks the cornea.

The keyboard

Many bacteria and impurities are found in the computer keyboard and it is normal that most people are exposed to their contact. The downside of this is that without realizing it, we often have to put our hands there, touching and scratching our eyes later.

Before touching our eyes, we have to clean hands and nails with soap or other disinfectant. This will prevent diseases such as conjunctivitis, blepharitis and styes.

Simple washing

Usually the minimum to prevent disease in our eyes is the face-wash we do when we get out of bed every day, using a good soap, but if we have a tendency to oily skin, it is easier to get some swelling, flaking or scaling, in such cases intensive hygiene should be part of our daily routine.


A recommendation to prevent eye infection when we do any activity that could affect our eyes at home, it is better use goggles.

For example, if we are going to clean up the garden, make decorations, using materials or other work involving use of tools like drill, handsaw and other.


The cleanliness and hygiene is an important factor, as we have already mentioned. But there are some recommendations to prevent damage to the eyes:


  • Be careful when you open toxic glues because you can splash them to your eye.
  • In the kitchen, avoid contact with oil or hot water.
  • Do not get too close to fireplaces or campfires, sparks can reach you.
  • Stay away from plants with thorns; they are dangerous for the eyes.
  • Close your eyes if you feel windy and dusty climate and when you turn the air conditioning of the car.

Another external factor is makeup. If you're used to paint the eye area, you must confirm that the product has a recommended warranty and do not exaggerate in its use.

The important thing is that at the end of the day, we have to remove all makeup because if we don’t do, this we accelerate the aging process in the area or stimulate the appearance of wrinkles, we can also create the conditions for an inflammation and infection of the eyes.

Natural Remedies

If unfortunately you didn’t have careful cleaning of your eyes, we suggest some remedies you can safely put in the inflammation.

You can wet a cloth with cold water and place over your eyes, leaving your face relaxed. This will give your eyes not only a rest, but several accumulated dirt will go.

Another home remedy that is very good and popular is to apply chamomile tea in your eyes to clean them. You can do this directly with cotton or with a dropper, besides applying the tea baths. You will see that it is very good to relax your vision.

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2 Reviews about Take care and keep clean your eyes
on 30/01/2015
This is the main reason I don't wear makeup. Every time I wear mascara it always feel like I get a bunch of crud in my eyes. It flakes off in dry clumps into my eyes, and I can just tell its not good. I wash my eyes every day, using oils to remoisten the lashes afterwards, and my eyes are very healthy
on 14/11/2012
Eyes inflammations are very annoying, I have tried the tea and it?s effective. I think that natural medicine it?s always the first option, if that doesn?t work then we must tried with another medicines. But I recommend the thing explained in this article as well.

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