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Sap Syrup diet

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Sap Syrup diet

At the time of beginning a cleansing as a cure's Diet Syrup sap, a number of questions arise. This article tries to solve in a clear and easy way the most common.

Who and why the use of Syrup Sap and who should not take it?

The Syrup sap in many places in the world is used by Persons wishing to detoxify body, reduce body weight or simply feel good. The cure does not work only at the physical level, but also purifies, elevates, strengthens mental and emotional level. During the cure increases the sensitivity to our environment, and significantly between creative and intuitive. The cue invite to reflection, a moment of silence, the meeting itself. There are important activities, do not take this product in the case of insulin-dependent diabetics, people who are in deep depression and Pregnant or nursing women.

How does Syrup Sap heal our body?

During the first three days the body is fed by a reserve base in the form of stored glycogen (sugar), especially in the blood and liver, which is easily digestible. Thus, a cure should last more than three days, because then the body begins to eliminate other toxins and reduce the reserves of fat stored around the body.

Among the added benefits of this cure the following highlight:

  • There are improvements in the skin
  • Strengthened defenses
  • Improves allergies
  • Downs the volume of fat and improves cholesterol
  • There is a feeling of psychosomatic improvement
  • Enables the right hemisphere (responsible for the creativity and the intuitive perception)

How long is the detoxification process?

Treatment duration is variable and depends on each person, however, it is recommended that at least seven to ten days. If you really want to do a longer treatment, replace one meal a day (preferably breakfast and dinner) for ingestion of sap for three months to see results.

The cure of sap contains all the vital nutrients you need during fasting. Making cure two or three times a year is a very positive effect on the health of the body.

What we must not do during detoxification?

Do not eat any food because the syrup contains all the trace elements, vitamins and glucose necessary to prevent hunger, nor should swallow any pills, vitamins or other dietary supplements, also recommended not drinking coffee, drinking alcohol or smoking, because the way the process debugger. Finally, do not eat meat, fish or egg, no bread, pastries, black tea, coffee or milk during the first three days after the cure.

How to prepare a cure detox?

The syrup is mixed with natural lemon juice and a pinch of pepper called cayenne pepper. You have to prepare a daily bottle of 2 liters by combining the ingredients as follows: 1,800 lt. of water with 100 ml of sap syrup (100 ml. is equivalent to 12 tablespoons) 100 ml. of fresh lemon juice and 1 pinch cayenne pepper. For persons whose physical activity is hard we recommend to increase the dose of syrup, lowering the water in that proportion.

Why is it necessary cayenne pepper and lemon?

The cayenne pepper helps to break up phlegm and blood to regenerate, resulting in greater heat in the body that contains capsaicin (a digestive stimulant that promotes hypersecretion and increases gastric motility), vitamins A, B1, B2, C and factor pp. It has a general tonic and antihemorroidal effect. The natural lemon with the metabolism of proteins, lipids and carbohydrates encourages the removal of fat deposits in tissues and is remineralizing, catalyst and provides minerals, especially potassium, vitamin C and P (citrina), which favors the fixation of calcium. Vitamin B1 prevents the nervous irritability and B2 is involved in the metabolism of fatty acids, proteins and amino acids, which helps to lower weight.

How to prepare the body before and after fasting?

The best thing is that at least three days before the start of disinfection you eliminate meat, flour, irritating beverages, cigars, etc. and increase juice, fruit and vegetables, so it is recommended that when you finish the entire treatment of ten days, start taking juices  the first day and gradually increase the juices, fruits and vegetables.

During the days of treatment, are there additional recommendations?

You should simple drink water throughout the day, take a laxative tea (Sen Road, Tamarind or mint) for digestion, if possible make an intestinal lavage, you should also take homeopathic medicine to drain the liver, kidney and lung.

Why is Pollen necessary to take when you finish fast?

Pollen provides all the amino acids, on the other hand, helps to maintain weight successfully with the cure of blood, not allowing the occurrence of sensation of hunger.

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1 Reviews about Sap Syrup diet
on 24/03/2014
I followed the diet following your advices time ago and I got really good results, I can comment you that I lost many pounds and I felt revitalized, I started to do exercise again and my body felt really good, but maybe it is time to do it again and win that life!

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