Swollen, inflamed or obese Abdomen? What you did not know to fix it Geschwollener, entzündeter oder dicker Bauch : Was Sie wissen sollten Abdomen abultado, inflamado u obeso: lo que no sabías para corregirlo

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Swollen, inflamed or obese Abdomen? What you did not know to fix it

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Swollen, inflamed or obese Abdomen? What you did not know to fix it

Why is the abdomen the part of the body that tends to accumulate most fat? Why is it so difficult to keep it flat and firm? Did you know that a protruding abdomen can cause bone problems like osteoporosis? Did you know that an obese belly is a symptom of liver malfunction or excessive stress? There are many people who suffer from a swollen or bloated abdomen and this is not merely an aesthetic problem, it is also dangerous for our health having a large accumulation of belly fat.

Causes of a swollen abdomen:

• Sedentary lifestyle: One of the main causes of a swollen abdomen is a lack of exercise, which causes abdominal fat and toxins to accumulate and this is how the bulge appears. There are people who spend a lot of time sitting and this also causes small intestinal motility, which makes the bowel lazy and waste toxins stagnate in this area causing gases and inflammation.

Weak Liver: The liver is one of the busiest organs in the body with many tasks, among which are the cleansing of the body and the assimilation of fats. If the liver is not working properly or a high fat diet is causing congestion, then there will be poor mobilisation of body fat in the liver, which will stagnate mainly in the abdominal area.

Hormones: Some hormones are involved in the metabolism of fatty acids, such as leptin and luteinizing hormone. If there is no hormonal balance and harmony, fat can begin to accumulate in the body.

Poor diet: Eating junk food, eating at the wrong time, spending prolonged periods fasting, etc. are causes of being overweight. However, eating too fast is what most causes problems in our stomach and intestines. As more air enters the body, the process of digestion is heavy and nutrients are absorbed less effectively.

Anxiety, stress, nervousness, etc.: These emotions are very harmful to the body, in addition to generating general wear on the body and the mind of the person, they also release hormones such as cortisol, which can favor the formation of fat in the body (and mainly the abdomen)  if there is excessive amounts in the blood.

Poor digestion due to poor dietary choices.

Poor posture: Being hunched causes flabby abs and maintaining this posture for lengthened periods of time will cause a weak belly, becoming more prone to accumulating fat and toxins.

What you did not know to battle the bulge...

Chew slowly when you eat, avoid rushing meals and do not drink sugary drinks like sodas or sweet fruit drinks with food because this will generate alcohol due to their high sugar content. Excess alcohol that is generated due to a bad food combination predisposes the body to the accumulation of abdominal fat.

• Fasting and drinking Boldo tea with the juice of half a lemon. This will help expel toxins in the intestine and liver, which regularly accumulate in the abdominal area.

Drink two litres of water a day so that the body is constantly removing accumulated toxins and fat.

• When you are sitting down, do not slouch back. Maintain good posture by tightening the belly and squaring your shoulders.

Drink aloe juice with carrot: This will help to remove accumulated fat.

Avoid eating between meals, especially cookies, chips, candy, chocolate, etc. Food between meals generates a lot of fat and toxins in the abdominal area.

Give yourself a light massage by tapping with your fists clenched onto your tight belly for about five or ten minutes a day, this helps to mobilise accumulated fat in this area.

• Learn to be more relaxed: Stress inflames the stomach area and creates gases. Try to frequently drink chamomile or peppermint tea, and do deep breathing using your abdominal area as a guide.

One more secret: When you finish eating, do not go to sit or lie down. Recharge yourself against a wall with your arms raised for 5 or 10 minutes. This position strongly favours digestion and relaxes the stomach.

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8 Reviews about Swollen, inflamed or obese Abdomen? What you did not know to fix it
on 25/02/2016
Thankfully I am one of those annoying people who was blessed with a super-fast metabolism (although, believe me, this also has a lot of disadvantages too...). However, it seems so obvious when it is pointed out like this: Lack of exercise and poor diet contribute to so many illnesses... Just look after yourself and the body will show you its appreciation by radiating youth and beauty!
on 14/01/2015
These are all excellent suggestions, and I really like the one about chewin slowly when you eat. I always seem to be the last one at the dinner table, and I odn't consider myself a "slow eater". This just shows me that often times, people just plow down through their food, and don't even savor/think about what they're eating.
on 17/11/2013
I have problems with my position, it is difficult to me to have the back straight and that gives the appareance of a big belly under my chest, I do not know what to do to fix that but I am tired and this is giving me pain in the back too, so needs to stop, could you place give me some recommendations?
on 10/11/2013
I had problems especially after eating, I felt an awful pain in the belly accompanied by a huge movement, I then consulted a doctor and he told me that maybe it was caused bacause I tend to eat very quickly and I do not enjoy the food while chewing slowly, I tried this and now I do not have problems anymore
on 01/12/2013
you should consider the combination of food as the cause too, since many times we are just very used to have, for example, a dessert after the meal, and if you are sensitive in the stomach this can cause several problems in the long run, so check if this is a possibility too, and good luck
on 09/11/2013
You can do everything to change your belly and reduce your size, but if you still carry a sedentary life, you won't change anything, the body is made for movement, so you need to work out, even if you are doing diet, you need to reduce the fat that is in the belly by burning the calories stored.
on 05/11/2013
Those symdroms that cause the swollen belly are the worst and maybe almost all people rely on drugs when feeling bloating or symptoms related to the stomach, but this only is affecting the body and even if you don't realize that, you are damaging everything inside of you, make the change and start thinking in the main energy source, food
on 04/11/2013
It is different to have an obese belly than having a swollen belly, very different indeed, as the swollen may be just caused by gases or even the menstrual period, but if you have fat accumulation then this is of course caused with a bad diet and lack of exercise and if this is your case you have to start working immediately.

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