Swollen belly and fighting with juices and herbs gases Säfte und Kräuter gegen geschwollenen Bauch und Blähungen Desinflamar vientre y combatir gases con jugos y hierbas

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Swollen belly and fighting with juices and herbs gases

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Swollen belly and fighting with juices and herbs gases

Having abdominal fat is not the same as having a swollen belly. The swollen belly is due mainly to excessive combination of inadequate food, premenstrual syndrome, excess gas caused by eating fast, talk too much while eating (swallowing air) or by excessive stress, lack of fiber or intestinal parasites. Combining fruit with vegetables or other foods also cause gas and bloating. Foods that are difficult to digest such as beans, chickpeas, milk (lactose), etc., Are a source of intestinal gas.

Other causes of bloating can be: anxiety, colitis, gastritis, cysts, irritable bowel, diverticulitis, etc.

If you suffer frequently from swollen belly, you must also pay attention to your diet, reducing or eliminating red meat (sausages, fried, etc.), cow's milk (and derivatives), refined sugar and bread. Take these juices to regulate bowel function and help remove what is causing the gases.

GENERAL NOTE: Do not add sugar, honey, salt or lemon to juices when not indicated. Don’t accompany any meal with fruit or sugary drinks, and always drink freshly made juices to take advantage of all its properties.

Juice to clean the colon, debug blood and vitalize cells:

Recommended time to take: fasting


  • Half a cup of aloe juice
  • Juice of one lemon
  • One tablespoon of liquid chlorophyll


  1. Mix everything together and drink on an empty stomach, slowly, and do not eat anything until 30 minutes have passed.

Juice to eliminate parasites, restructuring intestinal flora and reducing gas

Recommended time to take: In the afternoon, or to accompany the food in the lunch.


  • A glass of fresh carrot juice
  • A clove of raw garlic
  • A stick of celery
  • A handful of alfalfa (germinated or plant)


  1. Pass scrubbed and peeled celery and carrots through the blender. Blend the juice with the garlic clove and alfalfa. Drink without straining, trying to chew slowly if necessary. Do not eat anything until 2 hours have passed.

Juice to combat gastritis and colic indigestion


  • Two fresh apples thoroughly washed with skin
  • One tablespoon of flaxseed
  • A glass of lemongrass tea and fennel (a cup of boiling water and add half a tablespoon of each herb, and let stand five minutes. Strain)


  1. Pass apples through the extractor to get the juice.
  2. When the infusion is almost cold, strain with flaxseed and then mix with fresh apple juice. Drink immediately. You can use instead of apple juice fresh plum juice.

Juice to fight constipation, gas, gastritis, colitis and anxiety


  • A large piece of papaya
  • One handle (or banana)
  • One tablespoon of flaxseed
  • A glass of pure water
  • Honey


  1. Blend all well and sip slowly.

Powerful infusion to fight intestinal worms, constipation, gas and purging the blood and guts

It is important to avoid adding any sugar since the effect does not work. Do not eat anything else until you've spent half an hour. Drink in the morning daily for 10 days, avoiding any refined flour, sugar, red meats and fried sausages.


  • A handful of epazote
  • A raw garlic
  • A cup of pure water


  1. Boil a cup of pure water and add the handful of epazote. Boil 5 minutes and turn.
  2. Peel the garlic clove chewing and eating, then immediately, drink the infusion of epazote.

Infusion to reduce menstrual cramps


  • Some bay leaves (4 or 5)
  • A cinnamon stick
  • Honey
  • A glass of pure water


  1. Add bay leaf and boil cinnamon. Off and let stand 5 minutes. Add honey and drink as hot as possible.

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3 Reviews about Swollen belly and fighting with juices and herbs gases
on 20/08/2014
Thanks so much for this wonderful information. My belly is often times swollen, I experiene a lot of adverse reactions to foods that I eat, which leads to intestinal gas. Sometimes it's hard to get out, and it hurts so bad, causing really severe cramps. I already have a few indoor lemon trees that I can pick fresh lemons off, so I think next I will invest in an aloe plant, and see if that helps as well.
on 03/05/2014
most of the times is that you might have parasites and this can really affect your whole system, it is good to see that there are natural juices to detox the body because medicine can harm your body to achieve the detox
on 06/02/2013
Thanks for these tips, juices and infusions to avoid constipation and more complications related with the stomach, liver and other parts of the body system. I?m going to try the infusion to reduce menstrual cramps because it really hurts me in that time of the month and I get grumpy with every body.

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