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Summer Beauty

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Summer Beauty

Going to the beach this summer? The sun doesn’t only golden white clouds of summer, but its light and heat paint a lot of beautiful color. The season of sunshine and warmth is a good reason to discover the body and show it with pleasure and satisfaction. However, many times we feel that our body does not comply with the accepted stereotypes of beauty.

We all like to see a healthy body, well exercised and well attended. And we know that this achievement is not something that can be done in a few days or weeks but a habit every day, one will get very dedicated in all the beauty and harmony to our body naturally.

Below are some tips to help you this summer accentuate the beauty and win in your daily effort. However, if you feel that you have not done enough to feel good with your body and your look this summer, do not worry, the summer and any other time of year is a good time to start and watch a diet to take advantage of any trip to the beach to give your skin a break, a good food for your body and soul, and a good exercise for your body.

Cellulite: if you've struggled with this problem a long time and still cannot beat at all, you should not fall in depression. There are certain areas of the body that tend to accumulate and retain fat, especially the thighs, hips and buttocks. The adipocytes in these areas have an enormous concentration of receptors that inhibit the metabolism of fats which is accumulated and stored in adipose tissue. So it appears that the so called cellulite distorts the shape, and often, while continuing to practice sport or diets, there is nothing enough to make it disappear.

But don’t doubt on using your bikini. In the market there are now very effective creams to use during the summer and help to give a nicer and uniform appearance to the skin. Such concentrates are very effective and using them moderately, really help to accentuate your work in combating cellulite. There are also other gels that cover your skin with a veil of soft, velvety feel to the touch, and allow rapid penetration power dressing immediately. If for some reason you do not like this kind of creams, try to get a mask on the entire body with some clay. The clays are good to strengthen the skin. However, if you have tanned, remove this option because you might hurt your skin when you rub the mask on your skin.

Exercise on the beach: On the other hand, if you go to the beach and run about fifteen minutes to the sea, this exercise is formidable to tighten the tissues and eliminate cellulite. Furthermore, this oxygen the lungs with sea air that is very beneficial for your body and skin. If your routine is just beginning, this is a very good start.

Beautiful eyes: the sun and activity on the beach can make mistreat eyes. If you go to the beach, do not expose your eyes directly at the sun, but do not always cover the dark glasses because the eyes are fed too much with indirect sunlight. Use a moisturizing cream to be well moisturized and prevent wrinkles. At night, put a few slices of cucumber on the eyes and leave it there for a while. Cucumber is great for the skin. If you use makeup, we recommend a very soft makeup, eyelashes and maybe some liner to frame your eyes.

Healthy Tanning

And finally, if you want to get a great tan, we give you these tips:

Take plenty of water: In the summer, the body loses too much water by sweating. It is very important that if you expose to the sun for long periods, this well-moisturized skin, so avoid dryness and wrinkles. Take at least 3 liters of water and do not forget the gazpacho (recipe in the article by summer recipes) which is a very nutritious food and light, a way of providing water to our body salts and minerals that help to hold it.

Try carotenoids: These plants accelerate tanning and make this is a wonderful heat. The carotenoids are abundant in fruits and vegetables such as orange or yellow carrot, mango, papaya, peach, apricot, melon and tomato.

Consume Omega-3: These fatty acids protect the skin from dehydration, avoiding excessive water loss. So if you go to order something on the beach prefer blue fish, nuts and fortified milk are some of its main sources.

Diet: and to keep the mood, do not forget to eat many salads, fruit and raw vegetables. Remember to consume in many citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C, which have antioxidant properties and also increase resistance to infections, also help in the synthesis of collagen, which forms part of the structure of the skin.

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2 Reviews about Summer Beauty
on 12/09/2014
Even though summer is nearly over, it's great to read these articles. It's always inspiring to read more information and insight into how to stay healthy and fit, and I totally agree, that exercising on the beach is one of th ebest places to get a workout. I love running, and there's nothing better than running on the beach, and then taking a dip one you're done!
on 01/10/2013
Summer is over now but it always a good opportunity to have a nice skin and maybe a good tan that have last from the long summer, now it is still very hot here so maybe you still can have a great tan and if you follow these recommendations surely you will be surprised

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