Suction and Waves on Skin: ancient therapy to heal and relieve pain Wellen und Saugtherapie: alte Therapie um Schmerzen zu lindern und zu heilen Succión y Oleaje de la Piel: terapia milenaria para sanar y calmar el dolor

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Suction and Waves on Skin: ancient therapy to heal and relieve pain

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Suction and Waves on Skin: ancient therapy to heal and relieve pain

Three thousand years ago, Chinese medicine used a therapy called cupping, and waves to the skin as a system of self-help for pain, purifying the body and healing disease is an ancient method and currently somewhat unknown, but it's worth considering because it is a therapy that has amazing results and provides the following advantages:

Benefits of Waves therapy on skin:

  • Tone muscles, tissues and joints.
  • Enhances blood supply
  • Helps to discard toxic waste or harmful adhesions located in the skin or internal organs.
  • Helps to release mucus and phlegm from the lungs
  • Helps to disappear accumulated toxic deposits in organs and tissues, ailments, aches, weakness and diseases begin to disappear.
  • Very beneficial to treat diseases of the skin, intestines, lungs, etc..
  • Helps disappear discomfort of arthritis, osteoarthritis and joint problems. If you are applying this technique in the joints, it is necessary not to move the treated area during the use of method.

What is the method?

It is performed in a very simple way: with the index finger and thumb gently pinch the skin of the affected part, and is pulled upward mannered blood vessels and nerves in that area are stimulated and tone locally. Some people use a small rubber pump attached to the mouth of a glass bottle with an opening at the base. The opening is placed over the skin area to try to suck the air then pressing the knob, which pulls the skin making a similar effect to pinch.

How is this technique done?

In this technique you must follow the following steps:

Get a knob to give you more ease of method, this is easily found in pharmacies. These are the same knobs that are used to remove milk from the breasts when the woman is breastfeeding (breast pump), or also known as Bier suction.

Whether you're using a knob or will do it with your fingers, you should first, wash the area to be treated with plain water and apply a generous amount of a lubricating oil on the skin to make it more elastic and suitable for treatment, and avoid pulling it and cause tears or hurt. The natural oil of olive, jojoba, avocado or almonds, is a good option. We must apply and wait for it to penetrate the skin and that smooth.

Once that you have lubricated the skin area to be treated, then you have to put up the dial or take the skin gently pressing with your thumb and forefinger, and gently pulling the skin upwards, trying not to let go and make a continuous move. This technique is recommended with fingers in delicate skin areas. This is a method that should be learned well and which require professional guidance (see bibliography).

If using knob, one must exercise a very gentle pressure on the skin before you pull the knob and suck, so that the base glass is perfectly adhered to the skin. Once listed, then you should press the knob gently and then gently pulling it upwards so that the skin is lifted. Release the knob and repeat a few times, so get used to. Then, go back to suck and then you have to start to slide the knob on the oiled skin without stopping the suction. If air gets into the knob, the suction will be lost and must be repeated accommodating the knob. This usually happens when the knob passes over joints or skin folds that are not uniform. Just a question of returning to their original position slowly, if you do, this will happen less. The knob has to slide on the oiled surface of the skin until it turns a pink uniform. These movements must be made very smooth otherwise it can break capillaries and remain purple in color, which is not dangerous but if you would look ugly. If you suffer from purple coloration during this treatment, this could indicate that nutritional deficiencies, usually lack of vitamin C. There would then be considered eating habits and increase consumption of fresh foods that contain this vitamin, such as lemon, guava, orange, pineapple, blueberries, etc.

If this technique is combined with a purifying diet, the results can be truly amazing.


The technique should not apply on broken skin or sores, or on the skin with some irritation and rash.

To treat the skin disease, therapy should be applied in the area of the intestines, where they accumulate and attach a large amount of toxins that are the promoters of many of the ills of the skin.

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2 Reviews about Suction and Waves on Skin: ancient therapy to heal and relieve pain
on 05/09/2014
I've never heard of this, didn't even think anything like this was possible. It sounds super easy, and it's probably very healthy, seeing as how it is so minimal. I still believe there's nothing better than just getting out there and moving your body though. Motion is lotion.
on 26/05/2013
Good! I have read some stuff about the cupping therapy with suction but / wasn?t sure if it could be done in the comfortableness of our own home and it?s good to know that it can be done! Now I?m going to look up for the tools to perform this and I hope to do a good practice, thanks a lot by the way

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