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Stretching: strength, elasticity and mobility

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Stretching: strength, elasticity and mobility

When we speak of muscle stretching can assure that benefits the functioning of the circulatory, respiratory, digestive and nervous system. There are also mental and emotional benefits as well as the muscles have sensors that connect nerve through the bone into the brain.

Stretching exercises: it is a method that involves the entire body, by positions that have a small strain but sustained at certain points, to release deep tensions and correct postural deviations. Any emotion, impact or stress is received by the muscle and connected to the nervous system, generating a protective response reflected in a muscular contraction. With stretching we stretch the muscle tension and it also relaxes the mind, freeing us from physical and emotional burdens. Besides, stretching increases our strength, elasticity and mobility, as well as the strength of muscles and tendons that give us the necessary balance between the tone and muscle relaxation, allowing total freedom of our movements.

Poor posture is a reflection of the tensions of the body. The stretching from body starts to free the body from accumulated tensions, allowing adequate muscle relaxation. Although it may seem a paradox, subjecting the body to more tension, allows it to become aware of it and be able to release it.

Anyone can practice stretching?

Everyone can learn to stretch, regardless of age or flexibility.

It is not necessary to have an extraordinary physical condition, and that flexibility is not always related to the level of training.

Every athlete, active or sedentary person can incorporate stretching routine that allows them to have a better quality of life.

Several scholars suggest this type of exercise as corrective or preventive method, including specific cases of motor impairment.

Active and global stretching technique

We talk about global stretching because in stretching classes, it involves the entire body and also of active stretching because stretching exercises that are done are positions that are held for a long time, with a small force at certain points.

These progressive positions last 10 to 15 minutes and focus on compensating asymmetries caused by poor posture, allowing the body to relax deep tensions.

Benefits of the practice of stretching: 

  • Increases breathing capacity
  • Retrains posture
  • Reduce stress
  • Eliminates depression
  • Fight the pain
  • Increases vitality
  • Enhancing sexuality

The key: Stretching

The ideal is to achieve good performance of stretching because thanks to it, we breathe better and we can begin to allow relaxation of the diaphragm, the process by which one learns to enter more deeply into the self.

Stretch column: Through the traction is released too excessive pressure on the intervertebral discs and on all their nerves, tendons and ligaments. Traction, i.e. the elongation of the spine on its axis, is then combined with other movements such as twisting column. These rotations of the vertebrae on its axis, to both sides, release the diaphragm and accommodate the vertebrae. It is also possible to make different types of openings of the column sections, and not as a whole. Thus, there are stretches with different elements that open the chest, injecting the dorsal vertebrae in, and others that work on the Sacro, another key location in the column.

By using different accessories you can stretch beyond the usual limits and stretching benefit that otherwise would not be possible. Moreover, according to the different uses are given, help relax and heal.

Rugs and blankets, cushions, non-slip rubber mats, bricks, wood, ropes and harnesses attached to the wall can be very useful in helping us stretching.

Stretching is the most natural way of approaching life. Stretching keep muscles flexible, prepares for movement and bring them back to joint their natural range of movement.

Stretching = active individuals

Active individuals are more flexible than inactive because the connective tissues of the latter tend to be shorter for regular positions and techniques of the muscle. Genetically, each individual has a greater or lesser degree of flexibility. This can be reversed with regular training of stretching.

Throughout our lives, the body suffers the weight it exerts on the force of gravity. Over the years, poor posture that we get used to the sedentary life and weaken the muscles that retract to the permanent support of body weight. Flexibility is the unique physical qualities whose development is opposite the other, i.e. are part of a maximum degree of flexibility during childhood, to fall to substantially limit certain types of movements.

Concluding the article we can say that physical exercise increases flexibility and muscle tone by helping to maintain proper posture. The flexibility directly affects the muscles and tendons that are gradually getting stiff, lose their elasticity and may even become stronger but shorter. Both general process of degradation as little intense sports practice emphasize the loss of flexibility and joint mobility, resulting in problems in the movement system. Hence it arises the importance of stretching.

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3 Reviews about Stretching: strength, elasticity and mobility
on 01/05/2015
I think there's definitely not enough importance placed on flexibility and stretching in our society today. I have started practicing yoga and I have noticed such a change in my body, and overall health. Ringing out the organs...stretching. All very important!
on 02/05/2014
if you practice this like,.. everyday... probably you won't have problems of posture of pain in the back and things related to that... and then you would enjoy a wonderful health, always thinking in the improtance of exercise in the body and mind
on 02/06/2013
I need to practice these stretching exercises for real, I?m feeling really bad about my back and my doctor told me it was because I have a bad posture and I have hold it for several years now, He recommended me staying in some positions but the best I think is doing exercise and keep my body in fit, thanks a lot for this.

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