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Stress damages the Skin

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Stress damages the Skin

Relax, breathe deeply, do not stress, because this not only can cause that your immune system weakens and attract diseases, but also can accelerate aging and damage your skin.

A perfect face, free of wrinkles and acne can be achieved not only eating healthy, drinking water and using natural masks. You can get it by taking a few minutes to breathe deeply, inhaling, holding three seconds and exhale.

If you did not know, stress disrupts the cells causing havoc on the skin, as the dermatologist and psychiatrist Amy Wechsler from New York says "the mood swings can make the skin look five years older than the actual age".

Stress and Cortisol

When we get stressed, anxiety increases the hormone cortisol, this causes an inflammation that breaks down collagen fibers and immediately, there is redness, and even the appearance of acne.

In turn, if we don’t find a way to vent all this negative energy, all the cells of our bodies deteriorate and get old after the release of free radicals.

In other cases, stress can also cause the famous seborrheic dermatitis, characterized by the presence of pink or red scales on the sides of the nose, eyebrows and below them, when it’s chronic it appears on the cheeks and scalp.

Skin infections or dry skin can appear without any apparent cause, you can even notice that the folds of your elbows and knees are hurt, although you apply a moisturizer.

The Solution

If you do not want to be a victim of the ravages of tensional load, review what you're doing. If you have a lot of tension, worry about your daily tasks at work, at home or in your studies, you must find a way to throw all that energy that only harms your health.

Carry out a plan for exercise, find a schedule, it can be in the morning or at night to sleep relaxed. The physical tiredness will release endorphins, hormones that relax you naturally.

You can start a massage or you can find an activity you enjoy: singing, dancing, drawing, swimming. There are many anti-stress therapies from which you can benefit even in the comfort of your home.

Learn to control your impulses, if something makes you angry, you should immediately breathe, inhaling deeply, dispelling the notion that caused it, then take a glass of water and mentally process what happened.

Food and masks

Anyway, never forget to do a healthy diet based on fruits, vegetables and proper hydration.

If you want to improve your appearance and look a fresh skin, it is good that even once a week you apply natural masks to reverse the aging.

You can use natural products such as seaweed, avocado, cucumber or honey, to help you relax and strengthen the muscles of your face.

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2 Reviews about Stress damages the Skin
on 13/02/2015
Stress really damages everything, not just the skin. It is interesting to note specifically how the skin is affected, however. I know I always break out a lot more when I'm stressed, but I also know that my mood is greatly affected, as well as my metabolism. I do get good workouts in when I'm stressed though!
on 30/11/2012
Since I have a lot of allergies, when I get stressed is a completely disasters. My skin gets dry and awful, with cuts that hurt me and that?s too bad. I asked my doctor and he told me the only solution was to avoid stress, and it was true, because now I do relaxing exercises when I feel bad and everything goes well.

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