Stress, bad counselor Stress, ein schlechter Berater Estrés, mal consejero

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Stress, bad counselor

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Stress, bad counselor

It is tremendous but today, even the kids have stress ...that teens having it is very bad, to adults it is fatal, but children having it is something that goes beyond.

On the other hand, why this sounds strange? It sticks to people, like viruses and should be taken very seriously, emptying it, then we will have good health.

Over half of depression, headaches, irritable bowel, etc. are produced by stress. We know that but do not stop; we do not take sufficient awareness of the vampire that sucks blood.

I invite the whole world into a deep meditation to overcome this evil, which is dragging us to the most brazen slope that leads to disease. If we are serious, we will look the other way, and put pretest deal with this situation, to win the fight.

Rosario de Cuenca

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1 Reviews about Stress, bad counselor
on 27/09/2014
I too am shocked to see just how many kids suffer from stress, depression, bullying, etc. I grew up just 20 years ago, and things were very different. I can't help but feel that a lot of this has roots in technology taking over lives; parents' lives, childrens' lives, and there's less play and fun in our society. Children aren't free to just be.

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