Stress and potential Illnesses it can cause Stress und Krankheit: Gastritis, Pilzinfektionen und mehr El Estrés y las Enfermedades que nos provoca

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Stress and potential Illnesses it can cause

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Stress and potential Illnesses it can cause

Do you know how many diseases stress causes? Stress can be defined as anything that puts the body in a prolonged and constant defensive state. Stress is basically a state of fear, which has many intensities or levels, such as worry, uncertainty, anxiety, etc. When we feel any of these fear-related emotions, the body goes into a kind of stress that, depending on the intensity and duration, can set off a great defense mechanism that can inadvertently cause severe havoc in the body.

Actually, fear is not something "bad", we should not deny or disguise it, just because we think it is hurtful. Fear and all its branches such as concerns, uncertainty, feelings of insecurity, really are moods that instead of holding us back, should be an opportunity to invite us to reflect and understand the deeper forms of life and joy but above all, to trust in ourselves and our creative potential.

There are many types of stress and related diseases. Here is a list of major diseases that stress generates:

Arthritis, osteoarthritis and joint diseases are caused by stress of movement, that is, the person feels conflicted in the way he or she "moves" in life, i.e. the decisions you make, the path you take, how you handle things, etc. can stress the body silently, depending on the affected area, we can see what the conflict is and why stress accumulates in these joints and muscles related to our movement.

Gastritis: If a person feels fear of some "things" or experiences, as well as feeling uncertain or fearing the unknown or how to fix a surmounting problem. Stress can also be generated by feelings of not being wanted or recognized by people we care about. This type of stress creates a lot of tension in the stomach, which generates wear in this area and causes inflammation.

Headache: Most headaches happen because the person is too intellectual or rational, perhaps overthinking things and attempting to control or suppress his or her emotions. These are people who tend to be perfectionists and this creates a lot of stress on the body.

Myopia and Astigmatism: Vision problems are caused mostly by stress related to observation, i.e. , seeing something that you did not want to see, and instead meeting it with resistance, or perhaps refusing to look at something in detail as it may highlight certain problems that maybe we do not feel capable of handling, so our point of view or perception begins to become tired of being defensive.

Fungal skin and dermatitis problems: One of the root causes of almost all skin problems is stress. Even if we do not notice, it closes the pores of the skin and prevents the absorption of nutrients and the passage of natural fat accumulates below the dermis. When the skin is in a bad condition, there is quite often a contact problem: Relationships and contact with others can cause extreme stress without us even realizing it.

Sore throat: A sore throat can be caused by the stress of not being able to say or talk about what we want to, keeping secrets , or talking a lot without really saying anything meaningful.

Strains and contractures: Sports or dance should not cause problems if one warms up and winds down well. But when we carry out physical activity in a stressful environment, for example having a very competitive or comparative attitude towards others, the body is more likely to suffer contractures and tears. Severe comparison to others, self-criticism and strong competition generate one of the most damaging types of stress to the body. So your physical activity should be done with joy, with enjoyment, considering that you are a unique person and no-one else can feel the effects of the effort you've made.

Itching: itching in any part of the body is mainly due to feelings of dissatisfaction, things that stress or irritate us and situations which we cannot or do not know how to resolve, usually relating to the relationships we have with those around us.

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7 Reviews about Stress and potential Illnesses it can cause
on 26/09/2014
This is so true. We live in a society that has been robbed of so many of our soul-pleasures, creating stress, and this sense of wanting to be "somewhere", or in some other situation, some other time, that is different, better, less "stressful"! It's absolute craziness. And it creates the worst sense of split personality.
on 10/02/2014
My back pain is caused so badly by the stress I suffer during work and family duties, and I almost cannot stand or walk because the pain is so intense, maybe there isn't a solution,I should took care before having this problem! So please stop before it is too late!
on 07/02/2014
I suffered many illness time ago when dealing with stressful situations and I know what is the feeling of wanting to blow up your whole body because you have a strong contained energy, this is not good indeed, but surely you should find ways of dealing with it before the it transforms in pain and later illness
on 03/02/2014
stress is something that varies for each person. each one has a way to express and handle it, well most do not know how to drive it !
I guess the ideal is to find our balance and know how to handle, that way you will be able to help the other too

on 03/02/2014
It is true that stress is the cause of the most physical and emotional discomfort so it is important to find a way to control and manage it without going to a doctor !
on 06/03/2014
Yeah, when you need help of the doctor it is like it is too late or helping yourself out and the main thing in life is achieving this communication with the self, I do know if the doctor can really help you if you do not truly understand what is inside you and how to deal with it
on 01/02/2014
I cannot understand very well this topic of the stress, I have read many things about it, even spiritual things, and they say stress is a conflict inside the soul that the body cannot control or maintain so then it begins to try to get out the walls of the body and this happens as stress, or hitting things or feeling really bad, as suicide thinking, that is so dense.

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