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Stop Cancer: these foods can cause it

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Stop Cancer: these foods can cause it

Cancer is a disease that spreads rapidly, unfortunately, causes of its origin are not yet known, although scholars have come to some conclusions after analyzing the records of patients who have it.

There is a direct relationship between cancer and consumption of certain foods that contain malignant components for the body, such as nitrites, nitrates, sodium, hydrogenated oils and acrylamide factor.

Although 10% of risk of getting cancer is by inherited genetic factors, we can do a lot in terms of prevention, maintaining a healthy diet and changing our lifestyle and removing all products that contain components mentioned before.

According to the National Cancer Institute in USA, a change in diet can reduce the overall incidence of cancer by 30 to 40%, equivalent to 3 to 4 million cases worldwide. If we add the cigarette, it is estimated that 60 to 70% of cancers are preventable. 

Read the labels

Stopping cancer incidence may be in our hands taking in reference this encouraging percentage. So the first thing to do when buying a product in the supermarket is to check immediately and recognize the labels if they present or not a carcinogen.

These are corn syrup (high fructose), sugar, sucrose, enriched white flour, white rice, white pasta, white bread, and other "white" foods.

An anti-cancer diet is one that contains low levels of glucose from refined sugars and sweeteners. That means avoiding beverages like soda or soft drinks.

Hydrogenated oils

Another component with which we must be careful with is hydrogenated oil. This can be found in junk food, also called "fast" food.

These oils are obtained after being heated in the presence of metal catalysts and hydrogen and that is made to prolong the life of the oil to be reused many times, however this process creates harmful trans fats. The big fast food companies don’t like to spend constantly in oils for their fries, so they use this method.

As we know trans fats are not only a latent risk to acquire any type of cancer but also cause heart disease and disrupt metabolic processes. 

Acrylamide factor

This is a carcinogen that may be in our own home and we might consume it even daily. They are not added to food but are created in the process of frying. When the starchy foods are subjected to high temperatures, acrylamides are formed. A Swedish study found that acrylamides cause cancer in rats, and there are new studies to confirm that can cause cancer in humans as well. Look out when reheating and re-using oils. Watch out for the fries, meat, burgers, salad dressings, among other foods that are exposed to this factor. It is advisable to use a healthier oil, like olive oil and don’t abuse of the same oil.

Nitrites and nitrates

Sodium nitrite is another feared carcinogen and is found in processed meats like hot dogs, sausage, bacon or other meat that needs a reddish color to look "fresh" to the eye, you know how to recognize it. It the past, to preserve longer the meat reserve, people used salt, now food companies add sodium nitrite to foods on purpose.

Although today the use of refrigeration protects consumers from botulism and bacteria, manufacturers still add sodium nitrite to make the meat look pink and fresh.

According to the University of Minnesota, nitrites themselves are not the problem, then we can eat them through plants, but those from processed meats become bad agents called “nitrosamines” during the digestion process. The nitrosamine is a carcinogen, but since it is technically an ingredient, its presence can be easily overlooked in the package.

We also found nitrosamines in cured, fried or smoked foods, in products such as beer, fish products, and smoke.

Food allies to cancer

Finally with all the information described on carcinogens as refined sugars, hydrogenated oils, nitrates, nitrites and acrylamide, we’ll highlight the foods that contain them. These are commercial, popularly known and accepted by the consumer and a potentially cause cancer.


They are high in sodium nitrate, with an impressive amount of preservatives, flavorings, and especially salt. The organization "Cancer Prevention Coalition" warns that children should not eat them.

Processed meats and bacon

They also contains high levels of sodium nitrate and increase the risk of heart disease. The saturated fat in bacon is also a major contributor to the generation of cancer.


The donuts are doubly cause cancer. First because they are made with fluorine, refined sugar and hydrogenated oil, and then are fried at high temperatures.

Fries from fast food chains

French fries are made with hydrogenated oils and then cooked at high temperatures. Also they contain acrylamides which are generated during the cooking process at high temperatures. They should be called cancer fries instead of French fries. It is recommended to prepare at home with olive oil, low heat and in moderate amounts.


These are usually made with flour and sugar. Even labels that are proudly presented as free of trans fats generally contain then but in minor amounts.

Please note all this and prevent diseases caused by this type of feeding. I think if we would see the damage they leave in the body and the fat that is stored in our veins and arteries (cholesterol) we would frighten and stop eating them faster.

Good news

We have in nature others that are totally opposite and help us to cancer prevention.

The list is:

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3 Reviews about Stop Cancer: these foods can cause it
on 09/01/2015
I am very interested and concerned about preventing cancer, in fact, I've done a lot of research on teh topic, and it seems like sugar has a lot to do with the detrimental effects of a misguided diet. I have since dropped almost all refined sugar from my body, and not only do I feel great, Ive lost a lot of fat as well!
on 01/06/2014
I have heard that almost anything can causa cancer and that's such a bad thing, this is the disease of this century but we can stop it... it's a matter of self thinking
on 02/12/2012
Nice article, it?s very important to know what food to eat or to avoid before doing a diet, and especially if is an anti-cancer diet. This disease only appear if we don?t take care of our mind and body, so we must be careful taking only good foods and doing exercise to avoid illness and more.

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