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Stay beautiful with Algae

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Stay beautiful with Algae

In the depths of the oceans countless enhancing agents sleep. Researchers and cosmetics laboratories found them in algae, an unique product.

Algae is one of the oldest plants on earth; there are about 20,000 species worldwide.

Among algal substances are minerals, trace elements, proteins and essential vitamins such as B, C, E and provitamin A, which is known as a radical eraser due to its antioxidant, and in summer time, it is a vital protection against aggressive solar radiation.

During photosynthesis, algae releases a lot of oxygen. But this miracle plant can do even more, it is an ideal way to transport substances from a cosmetic mixture that penetrates into the deeper layers of cells. This is because algae and blood plasma of humans have a similar basic structure. The cosmetics industry has used this effect and about 50 species of algae in the care skin have been used.

Beauty of the sea

Algae is like the chameleon of the underwater world. Its perfect adaptability to the adversities of the deep ocean, either ice water, fresh or salt water, hot springs, or arctic make them dense in nutrients. Since they are able to save a good nutrient content, they are very desirable, both for consumption and for cosmetic use.

The algae provide energy to the skin, protect it against environmental influences and also protect us from free radicals.

Researchers have recently discovered that algae have a mitigating effect of UV rays due to an enzyme that is involved in cellular repair of the skin and it immediately begins to repair defects in the cell nucleus.

Algae in cosmetics

The algae applications are virtually limitless:

For cellulite, algae are used as wrappers, applying a mixture with water to the affected areas.

Even a bath with algae has a firming effect and stimulates metabolism, for this you may use a seaweed soap.

Similarly, algae serve as ingredient in facial masks to keep your skin young and beautiful.

And even taking spirulin algae as a suplement is good for you. It is rich in special iron that contains more beta-carotene, iron, vitamin B12 and gamma linoleic acid than any other food. It also contains vitamin E, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium, essential for the nourishment of our body and skin.

The name is thalassotherapy and it's very popular for years. Customers can enjoy a therapy based on the use of the marine environment, such masks with mud and seaweed. The result after is: a visibly firmer and fresh skin.

All Purpose

Not least, we should emphasize the anti-aging power of algae. Thanks to the eternally young Japanese we know those properties. Algae is used not only in cosmetics, also in your kitchen to prepare soups, and salads if you prefer.

Seaweeds are among the oldest living organisms on earth, its composition and their incredible potential become a wonderful ingredient in cooking and skin health.

Curiosities of algae

  • There are approximately 25,000 species of algae.
  • The annual growth is up to 6 million tons of algae in the oceans.
  • Over 50 different varieties are used in cosmetic care.
  • Certain molecules of algae can be useful against viruses, fungi and tumors. There are 66 marine drug candidates in the list of the most promising anticancer agents.
  • Algae have very different lengths, from a few microns to 50 meters in length.
  • The extract of the brown Macrocystis Phyrifera algae is effective for firming skin.

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3 Reviews about Stay beautiful with Algae
on 23/09/2014
So here in alaska we have a lot of "algae". Most notably is kelp..although I'm not sure if you can use this for the types of remedies and recommendations you present here. Do you know anything about kelp and how that can be used medicinally? We also include it in our gardens, which creates fantastic compost!
on 27/03/2014
Hello and good day, this topic is very interesting and once commentary I would like to tell is that if you are buying products that claim having all the good benefits of algae and more then you need to verify if they really used the algae and not a syntetized version since many companies now are taking advantage of this, so keep the eyes opened
on 11/11/2012
Hi! I actually haven't heard about this... That algae teraphy looks amazing, I must try it the sooner as posible! I did know algae is an important ingredient speacially in japanese food, but now I know about its good and healthy properties. I'll buy it now!

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