Increase and give shape to your buttocks Stärken und Trainieren Sie Ihr Gesäß Afirma, aumenta y dale forma a tus Glúteos

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Increase and give shape to your buttocks

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Increase and give shape to your buttocks

Some people think the eyes, hands, legs or breasts are the more attractive part of a person. But no one can refuse to turn around whenever someone has a voluptuous butt, strong and in their place.

Buttocks are unquestionably one of the most erotic parts of body, and because it is made of muscle, you can work with them to strengthen, increase and shape. However, on the other hand, this area tends to accumulate a lot of fat, which makes this area very sensitive to having cellulite and fat.

But like everything, you need good intention to achieve something. And if shaping your butt is what you crave, do not wait for summer to begin a routine desperate. From now you can start with a good diet and a series of exercise that will help you to either increase, decrease or turning muscles of your buttocks.


It is an issue you must consider before anything else, because if you do not exercise and eat properly, especially adequate protein, your muscles grow easily. So you should first remove products that serve only to "fat" and fill your body. The refined sugars, sausages and fried products are promoters of the fat and cellulite. Especially refined sugars are harmful because, besides not containing any nutritional value for your body, they simply turn the "energy" in fat. So we do not want a butt full of cellulite, but some beautiful buttocks. And for this, you must include in your diet the following foods:

Proteins: Without them, any exercise can increase your muscles. On the other hand, without protein, your muscles become flaccid and fall. The protein is found mostly in animal products (fish is best) in the legumes as beans, lentils, chickpeas, nuts and seeds, peanuts, cereals such as amaranth, soybean in vegetables such as seaweed (they are excellent sources of protein quality) and other foods such as pollen and brewer's yeast. All these products contain protein of quality.

Knowing about proteins: It is important to know that there are proteins that do not contain all the necessary amino acids, but only some, or have what is called complementary amino acids (which have to be complemented by other foods). Complete proteins are those that contain all the essential amino acids. To increase volume, you should consume complete proteins such as those found in fish, milk, egg whites, brewer's yeast.

Vegetable protein: With the exception of soybeans, the other proteins are complementary, they require mixing with other foods to get complete proteins. However, this is not difficult, beans, for example, are supplemented with corn, rice or wheat. It is curious to observe how human beings spontaneously combine food, these are complementary.

Special powders or liquefied: You do not really need any of this, unless you want to get a physical culture. Maybe if you are vegetarian you might also consider this option. With a rich diet and a good mix of food, enough said.

Too much protein?

Remember that any excess is harmful. Excess protein can cause kidney problems, moreover, the internal organs as the intestines, for example, will be affected. Remember to combine protein with fiber, vegetables, fruits and seeds of all types to be treated much better.


You need to definitely avoid white sugar and begin to reduce the fat with exercise and a diet very soft. Massages are great in these cases and the implementation of special clays. In the magazine section of this page you will find how to remove cellulite in many ways.


Without exercise, you eat well and feed you, cannot be turned in strong muscles. There are many exercises you can do in the gym on equipment to strengthen the muscles of the buttocks. The pilates is very good alternative to strengthen any muscle. Here we suggest some home exercises.

1. With hands and knees on the floor, extend the upward leg then back. Make series depending on whether you are accustomed to exercise. You can start with rounds of 15 on each side and gradually increase it gradually. When finished with one leg, start with the other.

2. With your hands on the neck, down to the floor as slowly as you can crouch down. Do it five times if you're a beginner and go up gradually the number of repetitions.

3. Each time you are seated, tighten your buttocks and keep it tight as you can. Relax and repeat. Remember to keep your back when you are very right and sit tight in your abdomen instead.

4. And finally, do bicycle or climb stairs two by two. This will strengthen your legs and help you raise your buttocks muscle.

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2 Reviews about Increase and give shape to your buttocks
on 08/01/2015
I love doing lower body exercises, adn I've just recently started to appreciate the art of squats. Squats are a really good shaping the lower body, the glutes, thighs (inner thighs as well as quads), and leg lifts are great too. If anyone here wants to mould there buttocks, just start cycling!
on 06/08/2013
I was searching for more exercise to improve my buttock, my I?m an old lady but I want to have a nice and fit body, so I like to look up for new therapies and of course exercise, that I can perform even though my age because I have lead a natural and healthy life style for many years now

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