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Success Stage for Organic Wines

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Success Stage for Organic Wines

Organic wine is being treated with great importance by the specialists from around the world. And it has been shown that today are made of high quality wines. Example of this phenomenon is on the one hand, celebration and exhibition organized by BioFach for their 20 years where the best wines are grown organically in Nuremberg; and the another the 16th edition of the salon Millésime Bio the salon world of wine professionals from agriculture, in Montpellier.

BioFach, the world leader in environmentally friendly products

World leader in salon products, BioFach, invited to celebrate its 20 years. This anniversary will be held from 19 to 18 February 2009 at the Nuremberg exhibition center and will 347 wine exhibitors from 23 countries. 

The meeting was successful the past year. In the 2008 edition of the 39 tasters recognized that an international jury tried the best organic wines that have grown grape growers worldwide. That year, 521 participated in the contest wines from 13 countries. The jury gave the 11 wines higher gold distinction, 60 of the 129 gold and silver. 124 wines received a recommendation.
For this year 2009 is expected to grow close to 10% of exhibitors came from. The international jury, composed of participants from nine countries, decided in the context of a tasting held at the exhibition center in Nuremberg wines which contestants will receive in February 2009 one of the coveted honors. Wine tasting, specialty, viticulture and winemaking technique, sommeliers journalists and wine tried this time with 521 wines contestants. Italy participated in 152 wines, 130 of Germany and Spain 102. Other countries of origin were: France (57 wines), Austria (44), Greece (9), Argentina (7), Portugal (4), Chile (4), Australia (4), South Africa (3), Slovakia (3) and United States (2). The goal of receiving higher gold, silver or gold chasing 302 wines, 151 whites, sparkling 32, 9 sweet and 27 pink.

The best wines are awarded directly after the opening of BioFach 2009, under the official tour at the event. In the new tasting BioFach, visitors can satisfy themselves of the quality of wines. BioFach 2009 again devote to wines winning a special booklet of wine with all relevant information on each one of the best organic wines.

Millésime Bio salon world wines from organic farming

Organized by the Interprofessional Wine Biological Association of the Languedoc-Roussillon (AIVB-LR), the 16th edition of the hall Millésime Bio will be held from Monday 26 to Wednesday 28 January 2009 in the Parc des Expositions de Montpellier. 

Millésime Bio is the only salon in the world devoted to organic wines and reserved for professionals. In order to meet the expectations of buyers seeking to develop wine a full range of organic wines, this year Millésime Bio will have 300 exhibitors (producers and commercial) from Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, United Kingdom, Romania, etc..

This diversity of countries and corporations makes Millésime Bio in the must for professionals, as evidenced by the increase in the number of visitors since its creation (More than 1,000 visitors in 2008, one third of whom were foreigners, an increase of 30% of attendees). To optimize a successful reputation, the room is held, from the edition of 2008, alternating between Montpellier (odd years) and Perpignan (years), which allows:

  • Work in a better position, thanks to the increased space.
  • Provide greater accommodation with the varied and hotel capacity,
  • Easy access and connections for multiple airlines

A lounge unique thanks to its relaxed atmosphere and very professional

Features that have made Millésime Bio a success:

  • a professional event devoted exclusively to wines made with grapes from organic agriculture,
  • a way of presenting the same for all wines,
  • a wine tasting, available without charge for visitors to submit news,
  • a climate for professional tasting, and can eat into the enclosure of the room.

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1 Reviews about Success Stage for Organic Wines
on 23/06/2015
Organic wines are great. A couple years ago I was visiting california and my best friend took me to a bio-organic wine farm, it was amazing. We tasted some of the wines they had, and they were undoubtedly some of the best wines I've ever tasted.

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