Spots in your face? Herbs, creams and accessories for deletion Flecken im Gesicht? Kräuter, Cremes und Tipps damit sie verschwinden ¿Manchas en tu cara? Hierbas, cremas y complementos para borrarlas

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Spots in your face? Herbs, creams and accessories for deletion

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Spots in your face? Herbs, creams and accessories for deletion

The spots on the face are perhaps the most aesthetic problem since they are difficult to hide. These usually occur due to several causes, it’s not a health problem but a symptom of an imbalance within the body, so you shouldn’t disguise them instead of trying a deep cure. To remove stains from your face, it is important to know the causes before.

There are many types of stains that sometimes appear on the face and each has a different cause and remedy:

Brown spots

(Also called melasma or chloasma) Often appear because of hyper-pigmentation of the skin; usually appear on the forehead, around the lips, cheeks or chin. Usually spread on the surface of the skin and sometimes the color can be very pronounced. The probable causes are exceeded exposition to sun, contraceptive pills, liver imbalances or estrogen-based treatments.

Treatment to eliminate and prevent brown spots:

  • The first thing is not to abuse drugs or hormone-based treatments.
  • Avoid sun exposure; no matter if you walk on the beach or on the street, you should wear sunscreen and hats or caps to keep the sun away from the face. Never take the sun with makeup, perfumes or other substances (like lemon, etc.), as these can stain your skin.
  • You need to keep a diet where you consume enough vitamin A, E and C, essential vitamins to nourish skin and make it strong and young. Taking raw garlic on an empty stomach is a rich brew antioxidant to assist the proper cell regeneration.
  • If you have stains, you need to avoid refined sugars and junk food and take fresh vegetable juice and supplements to help you nourish the skin as spirulina, brewer's yeast, the olive extra virgin oil, primrose oil, milk plants, etc.
  • To help stains from the outside, apply aloe cream, but do not expose yourself to the sun after that
  • Apply aloe or honey cream when you are going outside, since they are cell regenerating and protective against sun and air.
  • Apply masks (see details on home remedies) and smear all over your clean face at night with a few drops of extra virgin olive oil by tapping into your skin to absorb it. Let it work overnight. You can also make a cream with powdered pearl shell, water, and if you like honey. Apply as a mask.
  • If the spots appear because of bile problems, the liver should be cured by taking the following remedies: half cup of aloe juice and lemon juice. Drink in the morning. Make an infusion of wormwood or white horehound, take three times daily for as long as necessary.

White spots on the face

Sometimes appear after exposure to the sun. These spots are due to melanin, which occurs when the sun activates the melanin in other parts of the face but this doesn’t happen in these areas and they look white. This condition usually occurs usually in children, and is also called pityriasis alba. When you touch these spots are dry and scaly. Children or people with chronic dermatitis or eczema is often altered easily and are more susceptible to allergies.

Natural treatment for white spots:

  • They usually disappear when you avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight for a while and the skin is kept constantly moist and well lubricated.
  • Apply sunscreen on your face if you are going to sun exposure to help protect you from direct sunlight.
  • Prevent your skin from drying by applying lubricants and creams, and following a proper diet, foods rich in antioxidants.
  • Drink 2 liters a day of pure water to keep skin well hydrated.
  • Eat foods rich in vitamin A and C, which are essential for skin health.
  • Avoid creams with antibiotics, corticosteroids or anti-fungal, these things won’t help the stains and only will exacerbate the problem because it is not an infection, inflammation or caused by fungi, but rather a problem of hydration and nutrition of skin.

Other possible causes of white spots on the face:

Vitiligo, white patches which are not scaly and is a condition of the liver (see below in the healing remedies of the liver).

Ringworm, which is white spots caused by fungi, which, unlike the other spots, present around a scaly edge, even sometimes with vesicles and with a tendency to spread, it is not the case of pityriasis. In this case, it is necessary to purify the body, infections and fungal problems must be addressed from the intestines and blood, a cleansing diet is the most desirable in this case, include garlic the diet, it is a powerful natural antibiotic.

Red spots on the face:

They appear suddenly and mainly in the grooves between the nose and cheeks or between the eyebrows or scalp, and is due to seborrheic dermatitis or eczema. The dermatitis has its causes in a deficient diet, intestines and blood saturated with toxins, poor absorption of nutrients, poor disposal of toxic substances, poor digestion and a lot of stress, anxiety, bathing in very hot water, highly seasoned foods, excess snuff and alcohol intake of drugs, etc.

Treatment for red spots:

  • Initiate a seven-day cleansing diet to cleanse intestines and blood in depth.
  • Avoid any bad product in the diet, fats from red meats and sausages, all fried and junk.
  • It is essential to address the emotional aspects that are very involved in the dermatitis. Activities such as yoga or tai chi will help to soften the emotions.
  • Make an infusion of artichoke and take three times a day for nine days.

Home Remedies to fight stains in general

Make natural masks to apply two or three times a week. One of the best is made of yogurt, oatmeal, lemon and parsley: stir lemon juice, three tablespoons of natural yogurt and a tablespoon of parsley in the mix. Add oatmeal powder and stir. Apply gently on your face for 10 minutes. Wash

Another excellent remedy to help remove stains from the outside is to make a mask of honey, chopped onion and two tablespoons of natural yogurt. Apply on the face a few minutes and wash.

Herbal tonic against brown spots:

Make an infusion of parsley: two tablespoons of parsley in two cups of green tea. Boil for 5 minutes and strain. Let it warm up and apply it every night on a clean face and wash.

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2 Reviews about Spots in your face? Herbs, creams and accessories for deletion
on 17/03/2015
My mother in law is always trying to give me creams and weird cosmetic products that are loaded with chemicals. She just loves those creams that claim they "erase" age spots and wrinkles, and I just don't think it's healthy!! I definitely think using herbs is the way to's a natural product for natural skin!
on 05/02/2013
Thanks for the tips to improve the appearance of the skin especially the skin from the face since everyone can see it. I have some brown spots near my nose but I actually don?t dislike them, so I don?t know if I want to try to remove them, but I should take more care when leaving outdoors using sunscreen.

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