¿Spinning to lose weight? Spinning, um Gewicht zu verlieren? ¿Spinning para bajar de peso?

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¿Spinning to lose weight?

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¿Spinning to lose weight?

In recent times have surely heard of spinning. But perhaps never understood what it is and what it does. Well, here we will learn about this exercise and end all your doubts.

What is spinning?

Spinning is an exercise program that is used by fixed bicycles and designated by a series of moves indicated by an instructor. The bicycle is widely prepared with pedals as, special cavities which cannot only simply "ride" but it also helps us to perform a wide range of movements.

The intensity with which you work on the bike is determined and adjusted only by the instructor, the resistance and fitness of the student can add or decrease speed.

Thus spinning has become an aerobic exercise for legs mainly. The teacher can monitor or change by pedaling and the frequency of resistance to the movement, all kinds of intensities. Gymnastics is a very adaptable to the level of student can be as simple as a quiet stroll or even a grueling professional cyclist.

Classes like aerobics or the aquagym are often done with music and the work is designed to the beat that makes it more entertaining and dynamic.

There new spinning bikes that give the possibility to exercise strength and force with arms and hips, making the sport more comprehensively.

Spinning to lose weight

What we all seek when we talk about weight loss is to lose weight. And surely what we really want is to lose fat. To find out if we really are losing fat or not, we only can guide us with our weight.

Spinning is an aerobic exercise, using the legs have the larger and stronger muscles of the body, this energy-consuming is what makes you lose fat. Because fat is stored energy on the body.

Any physical activity or the maintenance of life needs energy. These are calories that feed the muscles and the whole body energy reserves as fat and others in the form of glycogen.

The body first uses other energy reserves such as ATP or glycogen, when it ends (in a few seconds the ATP and glycogen in about 30 ') is when it starts to use the accumulated fat. These fats may be in the blood.

It is important to maintain the level of exercise more than thirty or forty minutes, to give the body time to deplete the energy reserves are not as fat. Some experts recommend warming after about ten or fifteen minutes, making the series a few minutes for another ten minutes, to burn all the glycogen accumulated in the legs and the body only twenty minutes of starting the class, begins to burn fat.

We are advised three or four days a week with each session lasting for at least forty minutes. Do not forget to warm up ten minutes before, this will help the muscle glycogen is up a little earlier and fat consumption was therefore initiated a little earlier.

Make a trip to home after training to help you keep in fit and that the body continues to consume more fat over time.

If we lose physical activity is not essential but more importantly to have a slightly lower intake of calories to burn.


  • The cost of spinning can be very expensive.
  • Requires specialized bicycles, so that the exercises cannot be done in our homes unless we have a bike whose fixed and cost is very high. Anyway specialists recommend specifically perform the exercises with an instructor witnessed, since the movement and wear down causing the heart, which is extremely dangerous.
  • Classes may become a bit harsh, although this depends on the monitor that takes them. It takes strength.

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3 Reviews about ¿Spinning to lose weight?
on 05/11/2014
I am a little biased, but I think spinning is the best way to lose wieght ever!! I raced bikes in college and was part of our collegiate cycling team, and I lost so much weight without even intending to! It is low impact, endurance and speed based, and can be done both indoors and outdoors!! It's a perfect way to see the world, and to lose weight!!!
on 01/06/2014
do you think that is better to go to a gym and try spinning or to buy a bike to do it at home? what is the difference of cost? do you know that?
on 07/08/2013
I am thinking on following a plan to improve especially my legs, they have some cellulite but more fat accumulation and I want to get rid of this now now now! And my friend recommended me spinning but yes she told me that those classes are a little bit expensive, so I do not know what to do

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