Spanish schoolchildren consume little fish Spanische Schüler essen wenig Fisch Los escolares españoles consumen poco pescado

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Spanish schoolchildren consume little fish

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Spanish schoolchildren consume little fish

Fish consumption in school Spaniards canteens, both private and public, is less than what is recommended by nutritionists, according to a study by Announces Fund Regulatory and Market Organization of the Products of Marine Fisheries and Cultures (FROM).

The study, conducted in 1147 schools, aimed to check the status of fish consumption in the menus and how it is hosted in school. In addition to the questionnaire, there was "an observer" sent out to school each day to get information about the reactions of children, the ration was offered and how the food was presented.

This study shows that consumption of this product in the school menus is "insufficient" and that among students of schools there is "ignorance" because, among other reasons, "they do not eat fish in the families," said Isabel Hernandez, secretary FROM. Hernandez explained that fish consumption in school menus occurs 1.73 times per week, compared to the "four or five times that are recommended by nutritionists." Also, an average of 103 grams of fish was offered, despite the recommendation is 150 grams, she said.

Families with children up to six years consume 16 to 18 kilograms of fish and those with children up to 16 years only 21 kilograms, while the average in Spain is 37 kilos per capita per year, Hernandez explained that is virtually no difference in other autonomous communities.

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2 Reviews about Spanish schoolchildren consume little fish
on 24/10/2015
It's's the same thing here in alaska, where seafood and healthy, natural bounties are abundant, and kids are still being fed a bunch of frozen, processed products for "food" We really need to start teaching our kids about healthy eating.
on 01/12/2013
Good information about the consumption of fish, which is a lot way better than the consumption of meat but still there is a misunderstanding or most people just were raised without the habit of consuming this product, so it is weird for them, and the school must change that before it is too late

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