Spanish Association for Responsible Nutrition and Phytotherapy (AFINUR) Spanischer Verband für Ernährung und Phytotherapie (AFINUR) Asociación Española de Fitoterapia y Nutrición responsable (AFINUR)

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Spanish Association for Responsible Nutrition and Phytotherapy (AFINUR)

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Spanish Association for Responsible Nutrition and Phytotherapy (AFINUR)

The Spanish Association for Responsible Nutrition and Phytotherapy (AFINUR) is an association for the representation, management, protection and promotion of business and professional interests of its members.

It may be part of it all those companies, manufacturers, importers and distributors of herbal products and nutritional responsible.

Born in April 1999 in Barcelona. It has no profit, is autonomous and independent agency, organization, government or party.

Its territory is at the Spanish state and enrolled in the National Register of Associations under number 167733, Section 1 and the Generalitat de Catalunya 1st section No 24767. NIF: G62051115


  • Representation, management, protection and promotion of business and professional interests of its members.
  • Collaborating with agencies and public institutions with the aim of achieving improvement and equalization of the field of herbal medicine and nutritional supplements in our country, the rest of the European place.
  • Uniting and represent at national, European and international, small and medium enterprises sector from the plurality through consensus with the full participation of its members.
  • Increasing and promote exchange, knowledge and experience among its partners.
  • Initiatives related to the universities and scientific research and scientific authorities that relate to the sector.
  • Organizing courses, conferences and other activities aimed at training partners in everything that is necessary to achieve compliance with their business objectives.

AFINUR Services

  • Information on the regulations affecting the industry and its subsequent amendments, both those already approved and those that are in draft stage.
  • Advice basic technical labeling, authentication, registration and product positioning in the market. Advice on basic food law.
  • Legal Advice in Spanish and EU food law. Technical and legal consultations in general.
  • Service publications: BOE, OJ DOGC, BOP.

Office and contact details of Afinur

Medes 4-6 (Central Business Lesseps).

Phone: 93 202 78 03 Fax: 93 213 46 27

Activities developed by Afinur

Afinur, March 31, 2007 - Expo


  • Mr. Enric Canela - Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology i-Universitat of Barcelona.
  • Rosa Nuria Aleixandre - Senator Convergence and Union Representative in the Committee for Health and Consumer Affairs of the Senate.
  • Mr. Raimon – President of AFINUR

First introduced the speakers by the president of AFINUR. It said the reason that they were specifically given the AFINUR actions conducted jointly with them to build a political science base.

Mr. Canela intervened to support the idea that the sector needs a clear regulatory and from a scientific point of view the majority of ingredients being used in food supplements and demonstrated a sufficient scientific basis to be harmful to health in the quantities that are being taken.

Ms. Aleixandre deeper into the subject by pointing out that the demand for AFINUR (Spanish Association of Phytotherapy and Responsible Nutrition) has been promoted from a political point of view a request to the Spanish Government to make an amendment of Royal Decree 1275/2003 on food supplements, to solve a problem created by the Administration: the inadequate transposition of EU legislation on food supplements through the Royal Decree. This is based mainly on:

  • In its Annex 3 provides daily quantities of nutrients taken as maximum amounts, not as recommended, it should be removed.
  • Produces the second clause, which is taken as the maximum values (not recommended) and is used erroneously as a limit to the manufacturer a maximum values which must not exceed one hundred percent.
  • Creates a situation in our industry of helplessness in relation to goods from the rest of Europe, which violates the principles of free trade.
  • It is being breached European regulations which must be the same for all states. The senator explained
  • It is an amendment in the Senate as a House resolution that compels the government to implement it. He related the curious fact that he had to stop the voting in the first instance of the amendment as the government insisted that the implementation was correct. This meant that he had to explain again that the spirit of the directive is to establish recommended amounts. Once this was clarified to proceed with the vote on the amendment.

Mr. Lobo Félix states that the director of the Spanish Agency for Food Security and Nutrition (AESAN) should have received a response on a draft royal decree three weeks ago, but continue to insist that .

The conference commented on the following topics:

  • The idea of a chance to denounce the administrative civil service establishment by the continued blockade of the industry. In particular reference was made to have to go to Europe to report products that are not allowed here and then want to obtain certificates of free sale, are not cast.
  • It was emphasized by the fact that 20 years after the legal situation remains equally immobilized and that since it was the presence of a policy, they could pressure the government more.
  • It was emphasized in the sense of immobility at the administrative level and injury to the Spanish industry in general.
  • It was called for appropriate actions for the repeal of the 1973 Ministerial Order on plants by blocking the sector that it entails.

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1 Reviews about Spanish Association for Responsible Nutrition and Phytotherapy (AFINUR)
on 14/09/2015
This is really great, we need some sort of association like this is the States that takes responsibility for the consumption of truly healthy foods, and the promotion of natural healing methods. Here in the states I feel like the big machine is running everything, it's hard to get away from.

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