Spain, the world leader in organic production Spanien, weltweit führend in der ökologischen Erzeugung España, a la cabeza mundial en producción ecológica

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Spain, the world leader in organic production

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Spain, the world leader in organic production

Spain is the second European country and the eighth of the world with the largest areas of organic agriculture. The figures that mark us as leaders are 900,000 hectares dedicated to this type of agriculture and 19,000 operators that are dedicated to the sector between producers, processors and importers.

Despite our leadership in organic agriculture, it is estimated that 70% of Spanish production is exported mainly to Europe, especially Germany, Holland, France and United Kingdom, where they arrive on fresh produce. For the moment, the consumption of products from organic agriculture in the domestic market still represents a small expenditure on food of the Spanish.

The key feature of the Spanish production is its diversity in the result of the different agricultural sectors, production systems, climates and cultures. This explains that such crops are present in all regions, in adapting each to its specific conditions.

Thus, throughout the national territory, Andalusia leads the ranking with more than 537,000 acres enrolled. This percentage falls to the community from the top of Europe, both in absolute and relative terms. Huelva, Cordoba and Seville are a leader in organic production, where the olive trees, fruit trees and herbaceous are major crops.

Other communities important in area of organic production are: Aragón, with 70,515 hectares (7.61%), Extremadura, with 64,557 (6.79) and Catalonia, with 55,355 (5.98 %).

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1 Reviews about Spain, the world leader in organic production
on 22/10/2014
Wow! Is Spain really the world leader in organic production??! From all these articles I'm reading on this online magazine, it sure does seem like they're putting a lot of effort in growing their production of organic agriculture. There are lots of reasons to do so, and I fully support that. Way to go!

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