Andalusia: 1.37 million to support the organic sector Andalusien: 1,37 Millionen Euro zur Unterstützung im ökologischen Sektor Andalucía: apoyo de 1,37 millones al sector ecológico

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Andalusia: 1.37 million to support the organic sector

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Andalusia: 1.37 million to support the organic sector

Counselor of Agriculture and Fisheries of Andalusia, Isaías Pérez Saldaña, handed in Seville 1.37 million euros in aid that will assist a total investment of 3.4 million by 26 food businesses in different sectors. These support the call for 2005 to support the handling, processing and marketing of products from organic agriculture.

Of the total amount of aid delivered, 1.3 million is to support an investment of 3.4 million for the creation and adaptation of industries. The rest is to assist the implementation of quality systems (41,600 euros and an investment of 122,319 euros), and promoting partnerships (13,334 euros to 93,545 euros of aid and investment). These subsidies represent between 25% and 50% of eligible investment, as appropriate.

Pérez Saldaña explained that "the organic sector is leading in Andalusian production and export but missing traders" that transform organic products. "We must be the best producers and marketers, for which industries need to help us create added value."

From the orders issued by the Minister, by provinces, the benefit is more in Jaén, 346,346.35 euros distributed to 4 enterprises. Following, Córdoba, 281,208.52 euros (4 companies), Granada, to 228,241.49 euros (4 companies), Almeria, with 185,173.73 euros (3 companies), Huelva, with 169,735.53 euros (4 industries) , Seville, EUR 62,965.19 (2 companies), Cadiz, with 56,492.58 euros (1 company), and Malaga, with 43751.61 (3 companies).

These industries represent sectors of vegetables, olive oil, meat, herbs and medicinal plants, canned food, wine, nuts, honey and sausages.

Source: Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries of the Andalusian

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