SOYNatura. Second edition of the Health Fair and the Quality of Life Zweite Ausgabe der SOY Natura Messe für Gesundheit und Lebensqualität SOYNatura. 2ª edición de la Feria de la Salud y la Calidad de Vida

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SOYNatura. Second edition of the Health Fair and the Quality of Life

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SOYNatura. Second edition of the Health Fair and the Quality of Life

Following the success in the first edition, endorsed by the visit of 7000 people, four days and the satisfaction of 50 exhibitors participating, we set off with the 2nd edition of Soynatura.

Due to demand information from businesses interested in the next game, I am pleased to pass them to the venue will be at the Exhibition and Congress Estepona and date: from October 15th to 17th, 2010.

Due to the atomization of the industry events that coincide in the spring period (March to May), we thought that the month of October is ideal for our return.

I would welcome suggestions as well as all those companies and / or individuals interested in participating and collaborating, do not hesitate to let us know.

This second edition will come loaded with Innovation, New products, wide range of parallel activities and fun.

Soynatura releases new image

The graphic visual symbol, icon, is represented with a flower / butterfly:

It shows an idea of nature, freshness, healthy living, respectful. In short: LIFE QUALITY, FRIENDLY AND LOGIC, the human being as responsible for preserving the environment, without breaking the logical framework of nature.

It has another interpretation, more momentous: two num. 8, which means the power of justice, recognition of work and financial progress, good luck and responsibility. They are the 8 corners of the universe.

That serves the essential purpose of SOYNATURA, which is:

  • Position in the market as the benchmark in its sector fair and recognized, in Andalusia and Spain for its quality and professionalism.
  • Promoting sustainable behaviors and actions for the society aimed at improving the quality of life and care of our environment.

The text located below, as reinforcement of the image, achieves a coherent and easy reading and continuously reinforcing the sense of unity of all its parts.

Both the text and the isotype are composed to form a balance that denotes stability, organic and consistency, which are essential for the proper development of Soynatura.

As for the font used: the letter of features used is sober, sound and clear, reflecting: Modernity, functionality, homogeneity, security and trust.

With regard to the colors, we have worked with green and orange, flower petals or butterfly wings.

The orange reflected energy, tenderness and courage and green, nature, balance, growth and hope.

Both colors complement each other, on the white background is used and referred to the transparency and consistency of the principles of "SoyNatura”.

Overall, we are betting for a sober, hard and "sustainable" image.

Sustainability = Innovation.

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2 Reviews about SOYNatura. Second edition of the Health Fair and the Quality of Life
on 23/04/2015
I love that Spain seems to have so many health fairs, and reall,y does a great job at promoting physical health and mental/emotional well being. Here in the United States you'll be hard pressed to find health fairs such as these, so it's good news for Spain!
on 05/05/2013
Congratulations for new image, I really like it, it shows the true meaning of this naturist society that want to help the world and change the minds of the people that live and build or destroy a relationship between nature and innovation, and this a lot of help to everybody

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