Some cravings that are good: Pizza, Chocolate... Einige Leckerbissen, die gut sind Algunos Antojos que pueden ser buenos: Pizza, Chocolate, Helado...

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Some cravings that are good: Pizza, Chocolate...

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Some cravings that are good: Pizza, Chocolate...

Why everything we enjoy, like chocolates, cheese or meat is bad for us? Too much fat, too many calories, death on a plate!

The good news are that your sinful pleasures, can give you health. These forbidden foods can help to fight cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and others.

But do not lose control. You cannot dedicate yourself to eat chocolate bars, cheese and double burgers, or will suffer an overdose of calories and saturated fat. This leads to obesity, arterial obstruction, and even diabetes. But enjoy these foods in moderation can contribute to a healthy diet.


Pizza has received very positive feedback, it prevents prostate cancer. The tomato sauce used in its preparation, is rich in lycopene, a carotenoid found in high levels in blood and prostate of men with less propensity for prostate cancer. In addition, the cheese provides calcium, which helps to build bones, lower blood pressure, and inhibit colon cancer.

Disadvantage: A 30 cm pizza with sausage and pepperoni, contains over 2,000 Kcal and 60g of saturated fat.

Strategy: Ask for a small pizza with extra tomato sauce. While you wait, eat a salad, or a bowl of stew. Then eat two portions pizza, choose restaurants that use more vegetables in their preparations, or make your own pizza with less cheese, and extra vegetables. Use little oil in their preparation.

Ice cream

If you choose the right ice cream, you'll get a good dose of calcium, good for your bones and hypertension.

Disadvantage: Unfortunately the best known trademarks, are full of calories and fat, so do not exceed one serving per day occasionally. If you consume commercial ice cream, then eat only half a cup a day, but if you get a low-fat version, you can consider a 1-cup serving of ice cream.

Strategy: If having ice cream at home disturbs you, then try to go to an ice cream shop, and buy only a cone or ice cream sticks, in this way, you'll stay away from temptation. Remember that ice cream has a lot of calories, and you have to eat it in moderation.


This time, love is not blind. Chocolate, especially dark and bitter, is rich in flavonoids, antioxidants that protect the heart by preventing platelets from sticking between them, forming clots that could cause a heart attack.

A chocolate bar of 43 grams, contains as much antioxidant power as a glass of red wine.

Disadvantage: Too much chocolate will end in your hips. A bar of 43 grams, contains 234 calories, ie, more than 10% of total calories that most women need for a whole day.

Strategy: Eat chocolate with a higher percentage of cocoa, ie, dark chocolate, and limit your portion to 25 grams daily. Although it may seem a small portion, it is enough to calm the anxiety for this snack, remember that tomorrow is another day and you can eat it again.


According to some research, the cheese -except deffated type- contains a type of fat called conjugated linoleic acid, which scientists are identifying as a weapon against breast cancer. Besides, all the calcium concentrate is good for your bones.

Eating cheese after meals helps keep your teeth healthy.

Disadvantage: Cheese contains saturated fat, which raises cholesterol.

Strategy: Eat the portion equivalent to 6 small squares of cheese maximum a day. Prefer stronger flavor cheeses, so you will feel satisfied with less portions. Enjoy every bit in your mouth, and try to mix it with other foods; This way you will consume less, and will last longer.

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2 Reviews about Some cravings that are good: Pizza, Chocolate...
on 23/07/2014
Excellent, excellent, excellent. A very well-informed, bird's eye view of the realistic pro's and con's of "sinful pleasures". I too, looove pizza, and have discovered that it's actually really great workout fuel. If I eat pizza roughly 3 hours before working out, I'm loaded with energy for the whole workout. Can't say that's too bad.
on 06/11/2012
This is very interesting, I suffer from overweight and it's because I can't live without eating cholotates, I do like them since a long time ago and it's difficult to stop. I should follow some of this advices since I don't want to have any major health problem like a heart disease

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