Smoothies with seeds to help fight muscle spasms, osteoporosis and arthritis Getränke aus Samen gegen Krämpfe, Osteoporose und Arthritis Licuados de semillas contra Espasmos, Osteoporosis y Artritis

» » Smoothies with seeds to help fight muscle spasms, osteoporosis and arthritis

Smoothies with seeds to help fight muscle spasms, osteoporosis and arthritis

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Smoothies with seeds to help fight muscle spasms, osteoporosis and arthritis

Are your bones fragile and porous?  Do you always get cramps?  Do the joints in your body feel overly tight?  Cramps are severe contractions in the body that can cause a lot of pain, according to the severity of the contraction.  Spasms or cramps can occur in various parts of the body, like the back, legs, calves, in the feet (this is very common), the neck, etc.  Osteoporosis is due to several different causes as well, some of which could be lack of exercise, mineral deficiency, stress, etc.

There are a few common triggers that cause cramps and osteoporosis:

  • Excessive stress and tension accumulation
  • Mineral deficiency, especially magnesium and calcium.
  • Poor mineral absorption; when you eat well but the body doesn’t absorb minerals efficiently.
  • High blood sugar (regarding spasms).

When you feel a cramp or your muscles grow tense, it’s very important that you help them relax, either with a warm bath or breathing exercises along with lightly stretching the body.  Accumulated stree, beyond just provoking cramps, blocks minerals from being properly absorbed in the body.  The causes, over time, a mineral deficiency, tissue degeneration, and osteoporosis.

Poor mineral absorption or magnesium deficiency

A natural way to help resolve cramps and osteoporosis is by making drinks that include certain healing seeds which, beyond helping repair and nourish damaged tissues, will help strengthen you defense systems in the body, and to avoid infections and joint diseases such as arthritis, osteoarthritis, etc.

Mixture of canary grass seed, sesame and chia seeds

These three seeds are magnificent for bathing the body in minerals.  If you consume this 4 times a week, you’ll notice how you not only begin to feel much better, but that your spasms and cramps will be drastically reduced and your bones will become stronger.  Children can avoid malnutrition or lacking any important minerals in their diet.


  • Two spoonful’s of sesame
  • One spoonful of Chia seeds
  • One and half glassfuls of canary seed milk, previously prepared (if you don’t have this, prepare one glass by allowing 1 Tbsp. of canary seed soak in a glass of cold water.  Rinse the seeds the next morning and blend them in a glass of fresh water.  Strain and use this water to make your drink.)
  • One piece of fruit, preferably papaya or pineapple.
  •  Raw cane sugar or honey to taste.  Even better if you don’t use any sweetener.
  • 5 almonds or nuts (3 for children)


Blend all ingredients, slowly adding more water if necessary.  Drink without straining, preferably before breakfast and try not to eat anything else for the following half hour.  NOTE: If you have diverticulitis it is best to grind the seeds to a powder, or buy them powdered.  Ground seeds are much better, as they don’t lose a lot of nutritional value.  Try to drink slowly.

Drink for kids and youth

This same drink can be made for kids or youth.  It’s a wonderful breakfast, full of nutrients for growth and muscle and bone formation – among other things.  If the child is less than 10 years of age, cut the ingredients in half.  If older than 10 years of age, use the same ingredients.  This is an ideal drink for kids or youth involved in sports.  You can change up the fruits so they don’t get tired of them, using guava or strawberries (to strengthen body defenses and help fight colds and coughs), pineapple (when the child is under a lot of stress or gets angry easily), apples or plums (to combat stomach aches), banana or mango (for athletes or active children).

Supplement for this drink

Efficient nutrient absorption depends in large part, on blood circulation, blood oxygen levels, and relaxation.  So to improve nutrient absorption with this drink, practice yoga, which is an amazing alternative to relax the body, along with running, swimming, easy walking, Tai Chi, etc.  If you do these activities along with drinking this beverage, you’ll notice that your cramps will disappear, little by little.  Your bones will grow strong, and your children and youth at home will experience healthy growth.

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1 Reviews about Smoothies with seeds to help fight muscle spasms, osteoporosis and arthritis
on 26/07/2014
A friend of mine was a really competitive swimmer in high school, and everytime they had practice or a competition she would get these really severe cramps in her foot. To the point where I've seen her cry. She tried eating tons of bananas and pickles, but I don't think that helped too much. I'll have to send this article her way.

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