Do you smoke? Cheer up and gain health! Rauchen Sie? Lassen Sie es, und gewinnen Sie Gesundheit! Fumas? Animate a ganar salud!

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Do you smoke? Cheer up and gain health!

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Do you smoke? Cheer up and gain health!

Today, only in Catalonia, there are an estimated more than 250,000 fewer smokers than in the past 4 years, according to the report submitted by the Generalitat of Catalonia.

We have gone from a ratio:

  • 32'1% of smokers in 2002
  • to 27'9% of smokers in 2006

The ESCA survey data show the beginning of 2006 an there is an overall decrease in smoking resulting from a lower start on the younger bands and a strong force to be brought in adult stripes. Moreover, for the first time, has reduced smoking in the female population. I.e. more ex-smokers who have managed to get rid of snuff and fewer young people falling into addiction to smoking.

Polls in many countries show that more than half of the smokers want to quit; an incentive and help facilitating advice to take action and succeed is needed.

¿Being at the doors of 2007, what do you think of "New Year, New Life"?

We encourage you to give you health!

About the advice, you can get personalized advice, lectures, workshops...

Leaving snuff, you gain health! Would you do it?

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2 Reviews about Do you smoke? Cheer up and gain health!
on 14/01/2015
I have never smoked in my life and thank goodness for that! I am so thankful for the anti-smoking and anti-drug campaigns that we were exposed to as children, growing up in a public school setting. Generations before us weren't so lucky, and I know a lot of the older members of our family have really suffered from bad smoking habits.
on 04/01/2014
I am a former smoker and this is very good, to see that more people are leaving it and many people are not getting into it at all from an early age, which is the best habit people can ever have, so I hope that the numbers have dropped even more in these days

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