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Slow food: the revolt against fast food

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Slow food: the revolt against fast food

Slow Food is an international non-profit organization, which was born in 1986 in response to the invasion of homogenization of the "fast food" and the frenzy of the "fast life". Today representing more than 80,000 people in 104 countries on five continents.

750 in number, are the reference point of the movement on the ground, and organize efforts for the partners.

Towards eco-cuisine 

Slow Food is the link between ethics and pleasure. In a word: eco-gastronomy. Slow Food celebrates the difference in flavors, artisanal food production, small farming, fishing techniques and sustainable agriculture.

Slow Food restores cultural dignity to food, promotes the education of taste and bat for the defense of biodiversity. Saving a race or a plant species threatened with extinction, a means to preserve, retrieving a prescription, giving pleasure to the palate if it is sufficiently educated to appreciate it.

For the protection of biodiversity, Slow Food ... 

complaints through the Ark of Taste, in which Slow Food stowage symbolically plant varieties and animal breeds facing extinction.

supports by the defenses to specific projects in order to safeguard not only animal and plant varieties, but also production techniques, excellent products and the sites are developed, today in particular in countries with greater difficulties.
is honored by the Slow Food Award for the defense of biodiversity, the champions of the world: individuals or groups that have developed a commendable job in safeguarding biodiversity. Simple people, peasants, small artisans, shepherds, fishermen, it is important to know and make known.

Resources available through the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity. It takes many resources to make all efforts to protect biodiversity. For this hard work is effective and transparent, Slow Food in collaboration with the Regione Toscana, has created a Foundation, active since late 2003.

Joining Slow Food means educators 

Slow Food is food and taste education, innovative and original, based on the awakening and training our senses in the tasting and educational experience and knowledge in learning the techniques of food production. To this end, Slow Food organizes educational programs at all levels and for all: for children and their teachers, to partners around the world and for anyone wishing to participate in the events of the movement.

The University of Gastronomic Sciences, a university is unique in the world in gastronomic culture, which will be investigated at the highest level and which converges to teach and give up the best international experts. The two prestigious venues and university Pollenzo Colorno in Italy, will bring students from around the world. But there will also be space for members and professionals in the food sector: master, conferences, meetings, short courses. 

Learn to slow producers and food products over the world...

Slow Food organizes a series of events that offer the opportunity to meet and taste the fruit of a noble and essential work: the Salone del Gusto in Turin and Cheese in Bra Slow Fish in Genoa, Italy; Slow Westward Denver, USA, Aux Origines du Goût in Montpellier, France, Germany Cheese Market in Nieheim, Germany and many other events. Demonstrations are also a way to explain what is Slow Food and how it works in the world.

Like for reading: magazines 

Slow: Messenger of taste and culture 

It was born to share experiences and knowledge between countries, cultures and traditions, the international journal publishes four issues a year, in six different languages: history and geography of food, consumer trends and tastes, wines, beers, cheeses, typical products, protection of biodiversity; defenses and recovery local products.

National publications 

The instruments are more immediate communication in countries that account, and Slow Food will have projects, initiatives in full swing. Commitment to tell stories of daily life, tradition and region, and a bulwark of communities looking for them.


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2 Reviews about Slow food: the revolt against fast food
on 19/04/2014
good campaign, good movement, the people need more and more help to understand the importance of good diet and ideas like this one are the ones that are helping for sure the whole planet and the mind of the people too....

I send my best greetings to the people involved in this project

on 05/03/2014
The work of Slow Food had help so many places by now, many schools and teachers have learned from this group, new ways of being better and changing the world by the mean of the human diet, just changing that could help a lot to be better!

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