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Skin: Where Beauty begins

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Skin: Where Beauty begins

I know that beauty is anything that is peaceful, happy and free, with creativity and life: something clean. Whether the skin, the sky, muscles, stomach, thoughts, words, etc., anything can be beautiful while it has those qualities.

The beauty is concerned, above all, with what is clean and clear. What is clean is not irritable; it is not cloudy or opaque because it is not contaminated. What is pure cannot feel unhappy or withered, it cannot be locked up, slowed down or feel ugly. The purity has to do with beautiful, with a strong and genuine brilliance.

Speaking of physical beauty is like talking about a spring. Each body is a spring; a spring in its natural principle is clean, pure, clear and full of life. The body is the most beautiful place where thoughts swim like fish; it is the vehicle that allows us to swim for life, a loving place that makes us want to experience things. And to keep this noble spring fresh and radiant, do not lose your clearance, to preserve its beauty.


This time we'll talk about the surface of the spring, the skin. With the skin we feel, touch, and more. The skin is our thinnest organ, called the third lung, the third kidney. Surely the talk of caring skin is talk of many things: a good stomach, good diet, a good kidney, adequate and constant circulation and oxygenation. Speaking of skin is talking about what we think and how we feel. But to go slowly submerging into the secrets you need to get beauty, let's talk first of an indispensable and magic element:


It is said that Beauty is not possible without fluoride. It is impossible to have the beauty without health. The body requires this element for balance and reflection of its beauty. A lack of fluoride in the diet may be responsible not only for health problems, but its missing is often responsible for ailments such as bleeding gums, chronic runny nose, swollen eyelids and gooey, emotional problems, brittle bones and teeth, sadness, swollen lower stomach muscles and dirty, cold, inflamed, scaly, greasy or heavy skin. It is called the "resistance" element fluorine, since when there is a balanced consumption of fluoride and calcium, the body becomes strong, fighting germs and effectively extends and provides morale, health and life throughout the body. Foods that contain fluoride are raw vegetables (cooking destroys it), the goat cheese, the green quince, rye flour, seaweed, avocado and whey.


The main thing in the diet for a healthy skin is to avoid as much as possible the consumption of irritating and toxic food, and prefer natural foods, without a lot of salt. Eat plenty of raw vegetables, fruits, and above all, lots of water and grain to get a good fluid evacuation, as this reduces the degree of toxicity.

The apple and cucumber juice is great for a beautiful complexion. The cucumber is high in sodium which helps keep the body cool.

I also suggest minimizing the consumption of animal foods (saturated fats that promote heartburn in the body), and replace them with plant foods that are consumed raw or steamed and are rich in antioxidants (anti aging), amino acids (substances that are required for the formation of proteins) and enzymes, essential to maintain the freshness and appearance of the youthful skin.  The body gets old when it loses the ability to produce the required enzymes, the hair falls and get gray, the skin has wrinkles and it seems dull if you do not have enzymes. If your diet is rich in vegetables, fruits, oilseeds, seeds, sprouts and water, your body can manufacture perfectly the amino acids required for protein.

The infusions used to care for the skin are the Laurel, oats and ponytail.

Two Secrets for your diet

Lemon: It is said that lemon juice is ideal to treat almost all ills. Besides helping, among other things, promotes the circulation and produces more red blood cells; it is an excellent remedy to cleanse the blood, removing toxins and uric acid, in addition to being an excellent antibiotic, is a great help in sores, wounds , spots, mange, fungus, helps close the pores and smoothing the skin. It is also an ideal healing. The lemon is the best friend of a healthy body: a clean body. Tip: In the morning, fasting, drink the juice of two lemons dissolved in half cup warm water. Do not take any food until 20 min. Take it without doubt, the acidity of lemon becomes alkaline in the stomach and doesn’t damage teeth.

Honey: Honey is a complete food which its vital energy helps maintain youth and vigor of the body and destroys tissues without damaging toxins. It is a good cell regenerator. (See general care to use)

Cellulite: Avoid refined sugar

Especially in an anti-cellulite diet, you should remove not only refined sugar, but the diet should be low in saturated fats (avoid fatty meats, butter and cream) and eliminate the sausages, cakes, sweets and refined foods, which are processed quickly by the body toxins and fat deposits. Vegetables (preferably raw) and the sprouts are rich in iron and should be the basis of this diet. Prefer wheat germ, oats and grains.

Brush the skin

Skin is renewed every 24 hours and to be as clean as our bodies, we need a brush to help remove the old dead coat that does not allow a good breath. Dry friction or daily brushing of skin is a good habit to encourage the activity of the pores and eliminates waste, allowing the skin retain its natural oils. Brushing can be done with a soft bristle brush suitable for this (long natural bristle, never nylon) or a wet towel in cold water and well squeezed, rubbing vigorously, not only on your face but in your whole body. This habit tones the skin exquisitely, provides a good circulation and gives a smooth appearance. Also if you rub your body with salt, it is a good measure of health.

General Care

Other ways to help the skin to look like a polished mirror and healthy are as follows:

  • You need to wash your face and hydrate every night.
  • Before sleep, eat a raw apple.
  • Wash your skin every week with oatmeal water: put a spoonful of oatmeal in a cup of cold water. With your fingers, take the soaked oats and put gently through the forehead, nose and neck. Take the cup of oats whenever needed. Once clean, wash with cold water and dry without scrubbing your face, giving gently patting with the towel.
  • Perform a physical activity: a good circulation is essential to oxygenate and nourish your skin of life. I recommend swimming, it also strengthens the whole of oxygenate skin.
  • Give patting with honey whenever you can a day, especially where your skin feel dry or wrinkled.
  • Lie down on an inclined surface (with the feet at the highest) for 20 minutes every night. This is an excellent way to optimize the circulation of blood and irrigation to your skin, including your hair; it is a good choice to relax.
  • Avoid all uncontrolled excesses
  • Do not expose to the sun and avoid daily the use of irritating soaps and perfumes with alcohol too.

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3 Reviews about Skin: Where Beauty begins
on 23/02/2015
It's so true that beautiful skin is really...well...beautiful! I'm glad that you've addressed diet in this article, because even though it may take a while for diet to show up in the skin, it really does affect the way the skin (and everything else!) looks. I want to start trying some of these alternatives soon.
on 30/05/2014
this is a very complete guide for the skin! very amazing indeed and I hope to follow it to the line, THAT'S MY GOAL!
on 02/01/2013
It?s good to know about all this kind of stuff, I was searching for a remedy to have a better skin but I think I should start by changing my habits to have a better quality of life and then see results in my surface or skin. I really want to make it beautiful and I?m gonna try!

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