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Six foot problems: six natural remedies

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Six foot problems: six natural remedies

Feet are one of the body parts that work tirelessly; and bring us anywhere, they "tolerate" us all day and, moreover, are for many one of the most erotic and flashy parts of the body. So set to work to make very healthy and cute.

General advice

  • Generally, the feet should be bathed every other day in a little water with sea salt and oil with a soothing sustenance.
  • It is also good exercise a sunny walk in the grass or sand.
  • Caring for the diet: as in all diseases of the body, discomfort in your feet are not only external care, but to deficiencies in vitamins or minerals or a diet poor in nutrients.

Here are the most common problems and tips we give you, highly effective, simple and natural to remove them.

Carbuncles: these are reddish boils that develop in groups or alone in the moist areas of the body. This is due to iron deficiency or vitamin C in blood. You should include in the diet this mineral-rich foods such as nuts, pollen, honey, fresh vegetables, etc., in addition to general cleaning advice.

Athlete's Foot: the foot becomes red, burns and open up small eyes that sometimes bleed. This anomaly is mainly due to a deficiency of manganese in the diet. Manganese is an essential salt in the body and is mainly found in raw egg yolk, almonds, walnuts, parsley, etc. In these cases, we must strive for good hygiene of the affected area by washing the feet as shown on the top and drying the feet well before introducing them to the shoes.

Buried nails: bloody unrest that can be very painful. When a nail is best embodied not cut into round or square but triangular, leaving the corner to grow and not be sharp, so that the nail is not very close to the skin. It is important walk on grass or sand or to walk and exercise the toes by putting a lemon in the ground and walking gently with your foot so that a massage around the foot and the toes.

They should be washed every day at the bottom as shown in general advice and then put the nail in a bit of castor oil.

If you are interested, one of the emotional causes of buried nails is to have a very foolish attitude to life or clinging, if you notice, the position taken by the nails or fingers when drag it to a (very obvious in animals) is that of a curved shape, we want to bury the nails to stop what we want to move. There would, in this case, to consider new and alternative ways of thinking and reactions to life.

Calluses: this is a common problem in women as in men. Care must be taken in feet daily brushing with a special brush for the skin, and then washing as indicated in the general instructions. After this washing and brushing, use linseed gel in the foot. You can also carve with a lemon for a while in the evening and do not rinse until the next morning. Do not forget to relax the foot for a while each day and consume fresh juices vitamin A as the carrot and add to your diet foods that contain calcium such as almonds, honey, lemon, nuts and so on. Avoid the use of high heels or shoes too tight and if you walk a lot during the day look for a soft shoe.

Bunions: in these cases it is best to walk on grass or sand. If this is not possible, massaging with lemon is the most recommended. There are, as explained above, put a lemon in the soil and give a massage and putting your feet up by a pressure that you find enjoyable. In this case, should take special care to massage your big toe, try to catch a pencil with your fingers and move your thumb in a circular motion to one side and the other. It is very important to wash your feet daily with either sea salt or Epsom, and then give a massage with some oils such as almond, wheat germ and castor.

Cold Feet: if you suffer from this malaise it is most likely having fluoride or iron deficiency in your diet. So from now on include fresh vegetable juices and fruit and add protein to your diet. Cabbage, cauliflower, the tomato, pollen, seaweed, blue fish, nuts, raw egg layema, etc., are some foods that contain fluoride. Cereal, parsley, the beets, plums, fresh vegetables and salad, potatoes and molasses are foods rich in iron. Do not forget to exercise to stimulate circulation.

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1 Reviews about Six foot problems: six natural remedies
on 22/08/2014
The picture to this article is so cute!! Isn't it funny how much we neglect our feet? They're such an important feature of our bodies in our daily life. Standing, walking, running...everywhere we go, nearly evertying we do. My mother in law really likes to get her toes done, and it feel really nice, althoug I'm not sure those chemicals they use are all too great.

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