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Taking Vitamins

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Taking Vitamins

Vitamins are organic substances essential for human life, have varied composition and cannot be produced by the body of the man (plants produce their own vitamins), by what is essential to take daily in adequate amounts, which is an important factor to take into account, as the lack or excess of vitamins caused by an inadequate diet or poor nutrition, and abuse of supplements food shortages can cause diseases ranging from anemia, weakness, tiredness and fatigue, or improper or inadequate functioning of organs and systems, including those arising from avitaminosis.

What are they for?

Vitamins can be made to the body through food. Are essential for growth, proper functioning of the body and to maintain health and balance. Vitamins are not involved in the formation of tissues, or provide energy, but that act as regulators of the complex metabolic processes of the body's cells. In some cases, the body can synthesize some vitamins from precursors or pro, as for example, vitamin A, which is formed from carotene, which can be found in some orange foods such as carrots, papaya, sweet potatoes, etc.

Adequate doses

Today is very often the subject of vitamins and has gained considerable strength in the diets of all kinds because of its essential function. In the market, there are many products that were added vitamins, there are plenty of nutritional supplements such as pills, powders, milk, cereals, etc., that promise the best dose of vitamins. Sometimes, these products are well justified, however, in other cases the amounts are excessive, and should consult a good nutritionist to help us decide whether the amounts of these allowances are adequate or taking into account our physical every day and our current state of health and general nutrition.

Balance, as in all of nature, always is the wisest choice. With a good balance can be avoided avitaminosis (when there is total lack of one or several vitamins) the hipovitaminosis (partial deficiency of vitamins) or hypervitaminosis (excess of one or more vitamins).

The diet

With so much products on the market, much is forgotten about a balanced diet, variety and quality of fresh food and to certainly provide all the nutrients we need. Consuming 5 servings of vegetables and 5 fruits a day (or vegetable juices or fresh fruit), coupled with a good selection of cereals, pasta, oil, and if meat is enough for an average human being has a very good dose of vitamins. If the food is organic, the effects of food on the body are much more favorable. Only in some cases it would be advisable to use an additional product to supplement the diet, such as in athletes or those who have additional physical. We must avoid at all costs replacing the food for natural powders, capsules and tablets as source of food because many people expect that is enough, but fast food or junk, may balance the lack of nutritional food additional pills or supplements. This is really terrible for the body.

Eating properly to take vitamins

Both excessive or improper use of food supplements, such as deprivation of food needed to save the line "or" keep the slender figure are extremely harmful, and the causes of many diseases and physical imbalances. We need to consume different foods every day and have lunch at a lull, which is both enjoyable to the palate and the senses. In this way, the food should make maximum use of the nutritional properties of food. If mealtime is a stressed, tense, angry, depressed, accelerated, and so time, the food cannot be used in all its entirety, and may feel hard to finish.

Groups of vitamins and proper consumption of them

Vitamins are divided into two groups: fat soluble and water soluble.

Water soluble: dissolved in water, and in this group we find the vitamin C and B-complex. Easily dissolve in water and are lost when subjected to cooking. Substances are considered low toxicity if consumed in excess can be removed easily through the urine. The body stores little vitamin, so it should be eaten almost daily.

We can find some B vitamins in cereals, legumes and other vegetables, as well as vegetables, fruit and citrus acid (vitamin C) in the eggs, milk and cheese.

Fat soluble: dissolved in fat, and which are to vitamin A, E, D and K. These are the most common vitamins to take over the body, because they are unable to dissolve in water, are difficult to remove. Fat-soluble vitamins must be ingested with fat foods. If the shots in the form of pills or capsules should accompany fat. Should not be taken on an empty stomach, and we must avoid excessive consumption and the excess is stored in the liver and / or fatty tissue, which can reach toxic levels after a certain time. If you have doubts about the tablets or pills you consume to avoid the dangerous overdose of vitamins A and D, a consulting nutritionist. In fish, eggs, butter and milk we can find these vitamins.

Vitamins for your body

Are known to date 13 vitamins, four are fat soluble and nine water soluble . The provitamins are substances which may be within our body vitamins such as vitamin A that we mentioned. The provitamin D in the skin, vitamin D is converted in the presence of sunlight, and the provitamin B5 to the skin and hair are transformed into pantothenic acid.

Finally, take into account that some vitamins are sensitive to heat, humidity, light, oxygen, which is destroyed in the presence of these elements. In addition, all processing of foods such as pasteurization, sterilization, drying, boiling, freezing, etc.., Remaining largely void or vitamin rich food. Do not cook food and eat it as fresh as possible. Very low reheating food quality, and the sunlight oxidizes the vitamin c very quickly.

When you make salad or fruit cocktail, peel, cut and wash just before eating. We must avoid leaving a lot to soak or heat until they are away, and let steam, eat a little "crunchy."

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3 Reviews about Taking Vitamins
on 30/06/2015
I am not a fan AT ALL of taking vitamin supplements. I think if you can't get enough vitamins from the foods you're eating, you're probably not eating the right foods. Fresh fruits and vegetables, natural products, no preservatives!!
on 28/08/2013
Vitamins are so important, when you see yourself caught in an illness and it seems to never stop, that your body needs attention and the ?regular? diet of today is not what it needs, almost all food that you get already prepared lack of vitamins so if you really cannot have the time to prepare your foods, then probably you have to rely on vitamin supplements
on 21/05/2010

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