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Simple ways to reduce fat in the diet

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Simple ways to reduce fat in the diet

If you are looking to eliminate fat from your diet, either to lose weight or to improve your health, there are some tips that may be useful.

The fat in the diet

Each gram of fat provides about nine calories, whether saturated or unsaturated. i.e. there are nearly 100 calories per tablespoon. So if you eat margarine instead of butter, you're not reducing calories. However, if you decide to change for the first one you will reduce the consumption of saturated fat.

Limit fat intake will help to protect your arteries against the accumulation of atheroma or platelets. Fat is the villain that causes atherosclerosis. Cut the enemy from the root decreasing the fat you consume in your diet.

It may come from both plant and animal sources, it should constitute about 25% of our diet. Now I will provide some guidelines you can follow to reduce fat in your diet, they are simple but very effective.

  • Use products to combine bread that contain less fat.
  • Consume only 85 to 170 grams of meat a day.
  • Carefully read the labels of processed foods, select low-fat products.
  • Bake, broil or boil foods instead of frying.
  • Grill meat on a rack, so the excess fat will dissapear.
  • Use nonstick pans to limit the amount of fat while cooking.
  • Boil steam vegetables and season with herbs and spices instead of margarine or butter.
  • Beware of salad dressings, they may be high in fat. Try to prepare your own dressing using less oil than normal and slightly vinegar and / or water. Or use lemon juice or wine vinegar with a little oil or no oil, instead of regular dressing.
  • Make changes to recipes. Use three quarters of the amount of fat required, then decrease to half the amount. Many recipes, especially those containing meat, indicate more fat than necessary.
  • Avoid high-fat snacks like potato chips, cheese, chocolate, ice cream. Eat fresh fruit, chopped vegetables, and fat-free cookies.
  • If you eat out, avoid foods fried in lots of oil.
  • If you drink skim milk instead of whole one, you'll take 8 fat grams less per cup.
  • Eat skinless baked chicken instead of fried chicken and consume 8 fat grams less per 85 grams.
  • When you're facing a salad bar serving up the dressing, remember that each tablespoon contains 9 grams of fat.
  • Try a cup of frozen yogurt instead of gourmet ice cream, and you'll save up to 20 grams of fat.
  • 10 chips contain up to 7 grams of fat.

Fight the fat in your diet

Keep your fat levels low and you can satisfy your taste with more fish. The omega 3 in fish oil will help you reduce your body fat, due to its quality.

A research suggests that omega-3 fatty acids reduce the levels of fat in the body, the risk of heart disease, blood clotting, and lower blood pressure.

The omega-3 fatty acids are found primarily in fish. Some fish, specially fatty cold water types, as salmon, mackerel and herring, have a relatively high content. They are also available in green vegetable such as green leafy vegetables, soy and nuts, but in a lower level.

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2 Reviews about Simple ways to reduce fat in the diet
on 28/01/2015
This was a great article, and it is a good concern to keep in mind not to eat too many fats, especially in excessive amounts. But I really think this whole worry about fats is way blown out of proportion. I eat a full avocado every single day, and haven't gained a pound of fat since I started months ago.
on 07/11/2012
Hi! I'm Julia and I really enjode this article. I have overweight now, and it-s because I'm such a fatty food lover! I eat chocolates, icecream, margarine and more :( I should try a diet, or try to change my favorite foods to something healthier like fruits and vegetable. I'll start a new diet this monday :) Wish me luck.

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