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Simple routine to tone and shape your body

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Simple routine to tone and shape your body

You may be at your ideal weight, however, you may notice sagging in your legs or dislike your buttocks: You can do a simple exercise sequence and tone your body without the need for expensive surgery.

Warming up:

Before starting any activity or exercise routine, to avoid injury you must do a short warm up.

Make circular motions with your shoulders, moving them back and forth. Move your head in circles to lubricate the neck. Roll your hips from one side to the other.

Draw large circles with your hips on both sides and from front to back. Jog gently for about 5 minutes, bending the knees back and forth to lubricate well.


These are an excellent exercise for the legs, working the entire lower body: the hips, glutes and quadriceps femoris.

To perform this exercise: Position yourself with your legs one shoulder width apart, with toes pointing straight ahead or slightly open. Your arms should be pointing straight ahead. Once you embrace your starting position, inhale while you take the buttocks back as if to sit in a chair. Descend until your thighs and lower legs form a 90 degree angle, not more. Exhale entering the starting position. Perform 4 sets of 15 repetitions.


This exercise completely works out the femoral hip muscles and buttocks, plus it tones the calves.

To perform this exercise: Position yourself standing with legs apart to hip width. Your arms should be hanging on the sides. Take a step forward with your right leg and bend both knees without touching the ground. Make sure that each leg has a bending angle of 90 degrees as this is the perfect step. Return to the starting position and start again. Inhale to take a step with the right leg to the distance that you have measured. Exhale as you descend and ascend again to inhale, exhale and put your weight onto your back leg; repeat the whole cycle with opposite leg. You must perform four sets of 15 repetitions for each leg.

Leg Raises:

This exercise is great for reducing chaps and toning the buttocks.

To perform this exercise: Kneel down on a mat to protect your knees, resting your hands down the front trying that are just below the shoulders and legs are open to hip width. Once you adopt this position, extend your right leg behind you to hip height lessons sole should point to the ceiling in Flex. Bring your knee to your chest and back to the starting position to complete the series. Switch sides, keep your leg straight back at hip height and flex and stretch in the same position.
Perform three sets of 15 repetitions on each side.

Alternative: In the same position, open and close your legs, lifting one leg while flexing like you're a dog. Keep your back straight and hips aligned all the time.

Middle Bridge:

It is useful to firm and reduce the volume of the buttocks, as well as for femoral muscle toning.

To perform this exercise: Lie on your back with the soles of your feet flat on the floor and legs bent at the shoulders are relaxed to the sides of your heels. Lift your hips as much as possible contracting the buttocks and abdomen without completely down slightly seesaw the pelvis while you feel like working. Perform four sets of 20 small contractions.

Remember that the secret is consistency, performs these routines at least 4 times, and up to 6 times a week. Try to always accompany your exercises with a balanced, healthy diet.

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3 Reviews about Simple routine to tone and shape your body
on 22/05/2016
Interesting article with some good routines, although I don't think this is really a "one size fits all" kind of thing. Everyone has their way of exercising that they feel comfortable with and which works well for them - what works well for some people will not for others and so I think that needs to be taken into account when piecing together "the ideal workout".
on 29/07/2014
I find it really hard to peg out "routines" like this, especially when I haven't had a warm-up to get me loosened up. I find the best way to do these and stay in shape, is to use them at the tail-end of a work-out, be it running, cycling, or some intense yoga. That way you get a great workout in, and you're not doing tons of reps of "boring" exercises.
on 22/05/2013
I was thinking on following a routine because even though I take care about my diet, it seems like I can?t get rid of some fat in my buttocks and that?s very annoying, I think that exercise is the only solution so surely I have to implement these exercises during my day to see results, thanks

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