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Show radiant legs

The cold months make us to shelter us from head to toe, wear pants every day and do less physical activity. However, when the heat and the sunny days come again, we discover that our skin is looser and we have lost some muscle tone and a lot of color in our legs.

These unpleasant consequences of winter can eventually cause personal insecurity and instead of using light dresses, perfect for the season, we hide our legs in a pair of jeans.

Show them

Begin to wear skirts and shorts, even just at home, because with this, you will oxygenate and legs are more exposed to the sun. In addition, having them discovered you will have contact with them and you’ll have the desire to care for them and improve their appearance, remember that out of sight, out of mind.


Did you know that tanned legs hide cellulite in a better way? Indeed, the orange peel is most noticeable in women with light skin; tanning reduces the effect of light and shade, so a self-tanning lotion should become our best ally in times of sun and heat. In the market you can find sunscreens with natural agents such as beta carotene that offer a golden pigmentation of our skin.


In your usual body lotion, add half a cup of each of the following oils:
Almond, olive, coconut, castor and peanut.

This blend of emollient oils, emulsified with them cream, gives a feeling of moisture, shine and softness.

Keep your legs free of hair

Whether you shave with wax, laser or razor, legs free of hair look better. One of the most common excuses for not wearing skirt is precisely not to have them shaved.

The same applies to the feet, when we know that we have not done a pedicure, we know it will cause bad impression and we are filled with insecurity.

Move your legs and work

Whenever you can, exercise your legs, walk, or perform a physical activity that involves them, as this stimulates circulation improving your skin's appearance and also helps correct aesthetic problems such as cellulite.

Avoid dry legs

If your legs have a scaly appearance, you should exfoliate gently and only once a week. Put ½ cup of ricesoaked in ½ liter of hot water and let stand overnight, the next day, strain and spray the resulting liquid on your legs while massaging. Then wash and be amazed by the results.

For shapely legs

To have shapely legs, exercise is vital as mentioned before; however, you can improve your appearance, with the following remedy:

1 cup of apple juice mixed with 2 slices of melon and ½ cup of milk.
It’s not a juice to drink, but to apply it in your legs. Leave on for 20 minutes and wash with warm water. Do this daily for 15 days and you will notice the difference.

This preparation is a good tonic to help fight the flab that usually appears on the thighs.

Love them

Remember that your legs are the two pillars that every day allow us to move, so it is important that we pay attention and keep your legs moisturized.

After a day of hard work, it is important that you give a gentle massage to your legs to improve circulation, I recommend you to use a few drops of lavender oil to massage, and raise your legs on a surface or wall.

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2 Reviews about Show radiant legs
on 23/09/2014
I have always been very, very physically active (running, cycling, mountain climbing, hiking, etc.) and I have always had very nice legs. I think a lot of the people reading this magazine wouldn't even have to "try" to get "nice legs" if they just found an activity they loved and then poured their heart and soul into it It's great exercise, and life-enriching.
on 14/02/2013
I think my legs are dry and that?s why I don?t show them very often, though I do want to wear skirts and shorts. Actually, I didn?t know that we should exfoliate the skin in the legs just like the one on the face, so maybe that?s my problem. I?m going to try the remedy with rice and see if something happens, thanks by the way

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