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Whole-grain Oats flour organic 500 g

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Manufacturer: El Granero

Ingredients: Oats flour from organic farming.

Net weight: 500 g.

Origin: Spain

Organic certification: CAE

Spanish Organic Agriculture Certification

European Union 
Organic Certification

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Properties of oats to lose weight:
• It is rich in fiber, which actually favors intestinal transit and helps eliminate toxins and harmful excessive fats and clog the body and, in addition to causing overweight, ill.
• It contains lots of minerals like iron, sodium, zinc, magnesium, potassium, folic acid, etc.. which helps to nourish the body and maintain tissues and prevent loosening when you lose weight.
• It is a great natural alternative to help absorb and eliminate harmful cholesterol, and excess water and toxins, due to its soluble fiber.
• Contains large amount of Omega 6 and linoleic acid (almost 35%) which helps cleanse the blood triglyceride and cholesterol.
• Help to raise levels of good cholesterol (HDL) levels, which helps to decongest the veins and reduce weight, it does not allow the accumulation of excess cholesterol on the artery walls, preventing the formation of atheromas (training responsible for clogged arteries).
• Promotes feelings of fullness, which helps to appease hunger or excessive control.

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