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Products tagged with 'ecological'

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  • Almonds Organic - 250 g

    Manufacturer: El Granero Integral Ingredients: Almonds from organic farming. Net weight: 250 g.

  • BIOBIMLAC2 BIO Baby Milk (Babies > 6 months) - 450 g x 4

    Suitable for babies from 7 months Organic powder milk for babies over 6 months old. Ingredients of certified organic farming. Gluten free. High quality and natural ingredients for babiesBrand: BiobimPackaging: 450

  • Dupuy lentils organic

    Dupuy Lentils from organic farming are a complete food, with the highest quality, rich in nutrients, specially in iron, and basic in vegetarian diet Ingredients: Dupuy lentils from organic farming. Net weight:

  • Organic Malta - 500 g

    Manufacturer: El Granero Net Weigth: 500 g. Ingredientes: peeled roasted and ground barley organically grown.

  • Organic wheat flakes 500 g

    Ingredients: Organic wheat flakes Net weight: 500 g. Made in Spain Organic certification: CAE

  • Plum jam from organic farming

      Net Weight: 370 g.   Ingredients: claudia plum pulp, agave syrup, spirulina, thickener (flour of locust bean gum).   Organic farming.   Nutritional Analysis per 100 g:   Calories: 134 Kj Kcal/762 Protein: 0.67 g H. carbon: 44.9 g Fat: 0.2

  • Red lentils organic

    Ingredients: Red lentils from organic farming. Net weight: 500 g. Made in Spain Organic certification: CAE

  • Semolina from organic corn - 500 g

    Manufacturer: El Granero Ingredients: Semolina from organic corn. Net weight: 500 g.

  • Shiitake from Japan - dried Mushrooms - 50 g

    Shiitake mushrooms from Japan These Japanese shiitake mushrooms are used in the kitchen, contain protein, stimulate the immune system, help the heart, and lower cholesterol levels Appreciated both for its flavor and

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